Home Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk: Love it or Leave it?

breast milk alcohol test

photo from UpSpringBaby

There's lots of conflicting info out there about whether or not you can drink while you're breastfeeding. Some say pump and dump, some say it's okay to have a drink, but wait a few hours before breastfeeding, and some say abstain until you've weaned your little one for good.

Here's a product I just found out about from Babygadget. It's an at-home test that tells you if alcohol is present in your breast milk. All you do is smear some milk on one of the strips—if it changes color then alcohol is in your milk. It's pregnancy pee test simple. It costs $5.99 for three strips; $19.99 for 20 strips, and you can get it at Milkscreen Moms.

What do you think? Would you try it?



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