8 Funny Breastfeeding Onesies for Babies Who Love the Boob (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Sep 20, 2012 Baby

breastfeeding momHere's what I will never understand about the whole debate over breastfeeding in public. When people get offended over the sight of some breast flesh, don't they notice the little baby there too? The sweet little innocent person who is hungry?

It seems the whole debate comes down to boobs, when it should be all about the baby. That's the point of breastfeeding, right? To feed your baby?

So what if there was a way to switch it up, to draw the attention back to the place it belongs? I'm talking about babies wearing onesies that explain what this whole breastfeeding thing is about. And there are some hilarious (and adorable) choices out there for moms!

Dress your kiddo in one of these pro-nursing outfits, and the message is pretty darn clear: it's about sustenance, not sex!

Which one of these would you put on your baby?


Image via Mothering Touch/Flickr

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