5 Easy, Creative Ways to Remember Your Baby's First Year

nicole fabian-weberDocumenting the first year of your baby's life is no easy task. And it's a task that often ends up with a room full of half-finished projects and a pile of receipts to Michaels. It's hard to be cute, and creative, and diligent about commemorating your child's first year when there are so many other things that need to get done.

But there are ways to keep track of your baby's first year. Adorable ways, in fact! And they can be done in the span (or less) of a mid-morning nap. Here are 5 easy and creative ways to remember your baby's first year.

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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Casey Dalbey

Loved the first 2 ideas-the other ones seem too common. Too bad I have no idea what my oldest wore home let alone still have...BUT I do have the millenium babies shirt and bib the hospital gave out that year....now I have a project.

Roxygurl Roxygurl

For the kid I nanny for I put his hand print and foot print on paper every month for the first year and took a picture of him next to, and then later holding a little blue dog.

I didn't tell his parents I just put it all together and wrapped it and left it for them to find on his birthday. They LOVED it.

I've extended the project a bit and every year on or close to his birthday I take his picture with the same dog and I get his hand print and foot print on paper. For his 5th bday I wll either add his 2-5 pages to the original book or I'll make a new book and photocopy the 1 year old hand/foot and picture.

Loonah Loonah

I take a picture of my daughter every Monday (the day she was born).

Melis... Melissa1508

@Roxygurl, that is a FABULOUS idea!  I so wish I had started doing that with my baby girl.  She's 4 months old so I need a new idea to start now!

mindy... mindyjane283

I have the coming home outfit, her ankle and wrist bands, my wrist bands an my husbands, her crib card, foot print card I even have her hearing test sheet and yes I saved the umbilical cord... (old indian tradition that ran in the family we just quit keeping them in a pouch around the neck) As for the pictures I have all of the ones we have taken on the camera on my laptop seperated by month after her first birthday the file named year one will no longer be added to and we will move on to a new one.  I also make sure we have something from each holiday time that says my first.  We have st patty's day, easter, 4th of july.  we also have one for valintines day cause the due date was right around there but she didnt show till the 25th.  newspapers and clippings from big events and happenings all tucked away in a box for her.  plus outfits that are special to her or from family members... yeah Im a bit of a hold on to type person, her clothes will eventually be moved to space saver bags and everything in one tub. (I hope)

Peter Clarke

Having a baby is one of the most adorable moment in every parent life and in order to reserve this moment we used to do several actions such as celebrating the precious moments; throwing parties and many more. But here we have found some easy steps for how to remember our baby's first year.

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