5 Easy, Creative Ways to Remember Your Baby's First Year

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Sep 17, 2012 Baby
5 Easy, Creative Ways to Remember Your Baby's First Year

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Documenting the first year of your baby's life is no easy task. And it's a task that often ends up with a room full of half-finished projects and a pile of craft store receipts . It's hard to be cute, and creative, and diligent about commemorating your child's first year when there are so many other things that need to get done.

But there are ways to keep track of your baby's first year. Adorable ways, in fact! And they can be done in the span (or less) of a mid-morning nap. Here are five easy and creative ways to remember your baby's first year.

How did you commemorate your child's first year?

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  • Frame Your Baby's 'Coming Home' Outfit


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    It's the perfect way to preserve your baby's first outfit (and hat, and name tag). Hang it up in your baby's room, or just keep it in a box for when they're older. You'll be happy you took the time to do this (super easy) craft -- and your child will be happy you did, too.

  • Mom's One-Line-a-Day Memory Book


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    Maintaining a journal during your baby's first year is a lot harder than it sounds. In addition to, well, raising your kid, there's your job to pay attention to; your house to keep in order; and hopefully some time for you! This Mom's One Line a Day ($8.10, amazon.com) journal is the perfect -- non-time consuming -- way to record the little things your baby does each day.

  • Cards!


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    No, your 5-month-old can't read the Halloween card you bought for her. In fact, she probably just wants to eat it. But by giving your baby a card for every holiday -- starting with their first -- you'll have a nice little memory box to give them when they're older. Bonus points for writing a special note, regarding "what's going in their life," in each.

  • Start a Blog


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    You don't have to tell your friends, coworkers, and advertising agencies about it, but start a blog -- for you and your baby. It's an easy (fun) way to visually document what goes on in your baby's life -- and he or she will love looking at it when they're older.

  • Month Stickers


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    Yes, pretty much everyone does this, but it's a fantastic way to keep track of what your baby looked like when. And come on, it's adorable. When the first year is up, print a photo book to give to grandparents -- and obviously, to keep for yourself.

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