4-Month-Old's Terrifying Fall Onto Sidewalk Scares Everyone But His Mom

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strollerPicture this: you're walking along, pushing your baby in his stroller and talking on your cellphone. And then, oh no!, the stroller catches on some loose pavement and flips, sending the baby to the ground. Do you throw your cellphone and, quick, grab your baby? Not Peaches Geldof!

The British TV presenter and model (you may know her as the unfortunately named daughter of singer Bob Geldof?) caused a bit of a scandal this week when photos were published of her yammering away on the phone as her 4-month-old baby lay on the ground, twisted up in the blankets that had dumped out of the carriage with him. Sounds like Peaches needs to learn one of the most important lessons of parenting. Any guesses?

You are going to screw up as a parent because that's life, and life is messy. But here's where the lesson comes in: right after you screw up, you throw everything you have into fixing it because, really, this is your KID we're talking about. Let me repeat that in case it didn't sink in: your kid! A living, breathing human being. 

I'm not going to pick on poor Peaches because she hit some uneven pavement. That's one of those things that can happen to any mom. I blame that on whoever maintains the sidewalk (or rather ... didn't maintain the sidewalk).

But what sets "any mom" apart from a "good mom" is how she responds to a crisis. Does she ignore it? Does she half-ass her attempt to make things right? Or does she make sure her child is her number one priority?

Letting 4-month-old Astala -- who is fine, by the way -- lie wailing on the ground while you talk on your phone betrays priorities that are seriously askew. Do you want to know what the other person is saying or do you want to make sure your baby's neck wasn't broken in a horrendous fall? I'm going to go with my baby every time ... because, let's say it again, folks ... the baby is a living, breathing human being!

Screw the phone. I want to make sure my kid is OK. How about you?

Do you think Peaches reacted like a normal mom or does she need to brush up on her response to her baby's needs?


Image via DieselDemon/Flickr

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Marcella Shambles

Wish I could have been there to see if it was:

A. She is just a calm, cool and collected person who doesn't freak out over every freaking thing.

b.  She's clueless.

The picts really don't show which one it was.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially from people who weren't even there.....

MomLi... MomLily67

The photos published really tell the story, she dis react too slow, the cell phone never  left her ear!!!! this has got to be a good lesson for her, but I don't think it makes her a bad mother, just a bit slow....

nonmember avatar zizzler

haha oh man, thank god babies are generally pretty resilient. He may get tossed on his head a couple times and live as #2 to the phone but he probably also has nannies and will go to the best schools available so...whatever. She's probably an idiot but there's nothing anyone can do about it. There's all kinds of parents in the world...

Nicole Lowe

i dont know how many times i throw my phone to the couch if i hear anything going wrong (half the time it lands on the floor and thats just at home) i lost my phone one time we were out at the park and one of my kids fell because i just dropped it where i was and went to see if my child was ok or to pick them up. i dont know how she could have staied on the phone/held onto it.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Ummm put the phone down. Jeeze.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

It doesn't surprise me. She didn't even strap the poor thing into the stroller before taking off. Common sense is apparently lacking.

twili... twilightsbella

She needs parenting classes or something. That baby is in danger with her as his mother. I make sure sure my kids were always strapped in. And couldnt that phone call wait since she cant seem to push the baby safely in the stroller & talk @ the same time.

Melis... Melissa1508

Nice.  Be sure to keep that phone balanced on your shoulder, you wouldn't want to miss that important phone call.  Stupid bitch.  That child doesn't stand a chance.

LoveM... LoveMyHunni

Makes you wonder how good of care she is giving that baby at home...


nonmember avatar Heather

WOW, no matter who I was on the phone with, I would throw my phone down and care for my child, no phone call is more important than my child, sorry!! Sounds like Peaches needs some parenting skills.

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