Jessica Simpson Dresses Maxwell in Teeny Bikini & the Backlash Is Mind-Boggling

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maxwell drew bikiniOh. My. God!! Everybody's talking about Jessica Simpson's appearance on Katie Couric's new talk show, Katie -- not just because of the star's big "post-baby body" reveal, but for another baby body: 4-month-old Maxwell Drew, looking unbelievably adorable in a teeny yellow bikini. HOW CUTE IS THIS BABY?! Those cheeks! Those legs! I could eat her up, oh yes I could! But would you believe that people are criticizing Simpson for showing off this snapshot to Couric ... because they think it's inappropriate?! Oh for Pete's sake, people, really?!

First of all, completely decent, non-pervert types have been photographing babies in the buff for ages -- even my grandmother proudly displayed posed professional pictures on the wall of her kids as babies, lying on their tummies, bums bare (and no one ever accused that woman of being anything less than uber-conservative, let me tell you).

Second of all, if you really want to read THAT much into the picture, you could say Simpson was making a joke about trading her swimsuit model past for new motherhood, or that because the bikini is crocheted like an old-fashioned bathing suit, Simpson is calling for a return to old-fashioned values, or that Maxwell Drew's baby mohawk is an anti-establishment statement against modern beauty standards.

OR you could say, "OH MY GOD, look at that adorable baby in her cute yellow bikini!"

Sheesh. The world needs to get a grip.

Do you think it's such a big deal that Jessica Simpson dressed her baby in a bikini?


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Meria Runyon

ok let me tell u something she a 1st time mom she show off her baby she is a happy mom im sure u did some silly stuff with ur 1st baby and showing them off it what mommy do with r babys


nonmember avatar Jessica

OMG, are you serious!!!...

A girl named Maxwell??!!

Lmao jk!

Angel... Angela6812

I dressed my baby in a blue polka dot bikini and I have to say she was super-cute! And so is this little darling, even if she does have a boy name.

Mary Parker Bradley

I almost choked on my food at the one person talking about how the baby is posed in a "playboy pose". SERIOUSLY??? And you never put a baby in a bikini or bathing suit withOUT taking them in water? WTH???? My daughter is now 19 and an honors college student. I dressed her in plenty a bikini when she was a little baby INCLUDING one that was MINE that my uncle brought home for me from Cambodia in the late 60's. It's NOT for swimming really either and it's OLD -- but it sure looked darn cute on my baby and I'm guessing on me in the late 60's as well. God, people really need to get a grip. IN a million years I wouldn't have found this picture of her baby in that little bikini perverse or wrong. Seriously makes me wonder about the people that DO.

VinnieSally Thomas Tate

get real ppl......ppl that think that way need help.....let Jessica alone..if ya dont have anything nice to say.....dont say anything!

Brianne King

Why do adult women put on teenie bikinis? Hmmm....each parent has there own beliefs but I can understand the criticism

Britany Dyer

i see nothing wrong with this pic!! I have a 18 mo old daughter and i have pics of her in nothing but a diaper.. and if she could fit a two piece bathing suit she would wear one.. i think they are cute it doesnt matter what any mom does someone ALWAYS HAS SOMETHING NEGATIVE to say about how they take care of their child.. i have learned to smile and walk away you go jessica and dont let ppl get you down... your a great mommy!

nonmember avatar Scarlet

I think it's a beautiful pic! Like this blogger wrote people have been talking nude pics of there kids for ages! I have some of mine in the bathtub and I show off I'm not a pedophile. But babies butts are cute. I mean that's why ALL parents do it. That little sweety is in a cute bikini.

SoJaided SoJaided

My mom still has the tiny little frilly red baby bikini she dressed me in 26 years ago

nonmember avatar Earthshine

First of all, a bathing suit is not in any way associated with sexuality in its own definition. Maybe in a man's or media's definition but a bathing suit's purpose is to COVER PRIVATE AREAS. Second, I have 2 little boys, 3 and 1, and they're completely naked half the time like I was when I was a child and my mother and father and their mothers and fathers. Seriously! This is an adorable picture of a baby girl in a swimsuit. All you people that think there is something wrong with it are either too caught up in media and society expectations or too judgmental and sick to even be commenting on this.

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