Jessica Simpson Dresses Maxwell in Teeny Bikini & the Backlash Is Mind-Boggling

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maxwell drew bikiniOh. My. God!! Everybody's talking about Jessica Simpson's appearance on Katie Couric's new talk show, Katie -- not just because of the star's big "post-baby body" reveal, but for another baby body: 4-month-old Maxwell Drew, looking unbelievably adorable in a teeny yellow bikini. HOW CUTE IS THIS BABY?! Those cheeks! Those legs! I could eat her up, oh yes I could! But would you believe that people are criticizing Simpson for showing off this snapshot to Couric ... because they think it's inappropriate?! Oh for Pete's sake, people, really?!

First of all, completely decent, non-pervert types have been photographing babies in the buff for ages -- even my grandmother proudly displayed posed professional pictures on the wall of her kids as babies, lying on their tummies, bums bare (and no one ever accused that woman of being anything less than uber-conservative, let me tell you).

Second of all, if you really want to read THAT much into the picture, you could say Simpson was making a joke about trading her swimsuit model past for new motherhood, or that because the bikini is crocheted like an old-fashioned bathing suit, Simpson is calling for a return to old-fashioned values, or that Maxwell Drew's baby mohawk is an anti-establishment statement against modern beauty standards.

OR you could say, "OH MY GOD, look at that adorable baby in her cute yellow bikini!"

Sheesh. The world needs to get a grip.

Do you think it's such a big deal that Jessica Simpson dressed her baby in a bikini?


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surre... surrenderme2u

Oh please. These people need to get over it. Only creeps sexualize babies and even think about stuff like that. There are plenty other things to judge over then a bikini.

luzia... luzianagurl

very cute keeny, but why name a girl Maxwell is my question?lol..

but seriously?

Ndhanke Ndhanke

I don't see an issue with this. I think it's an adorable picture! If people are going to be quick to judge about a picture of a baby in a bathing suit like this, then I am surprised those same types of people aren't complaining about the diaper commercials with little ones roaming around in only diapers. Jeezies, people! Seeing little chunky thighs and cheeks are beyond cute!! Not sexual. If you think that this is "sexual", then you are the ones that are sick to ever think that adorable babies showing off their well-earned chubbers is blaring our children around, asking for the attention of pedophiles. C'mon! Let it up! And quite being so quick to judge!

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