'TIME's Breastfeeding Mom Milks Her Fame With Another Controversial Cover (PHOTO)

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Jamie Lynne Grumet Breastfeeding momRemember the mom who took the mommy wars to the cover of TIME Magazine back in May with that photo of her toddler son breastfeeding while standing on a chair? Jamie Lynne Grumet is baaaaack! This time we get to see her breastfeeding her 4-year-old on the cover of an actual parenting magazine (but at least she let him lie down and get comfy). As if we really needed another shot of her breastfeeding?

Paired with another tagline clearly intended to rile women up: "Mom Enough to Speak Out for Attachment Parenting" (it's a take-off of TIME's incendiary "Are You Mom Enough" coverline), the photo on the cover of Pathways to Family Wellness is actually rather sweet. Mom Grumet lays with her husband wrapped around her, their youngest son at her breast, their oldest son peeking in from behind dad. If only this were the only shot of her we'd ever seen.

With magazine cover two, Jamie Lynne Grumet has gone from "breastfeeding advocate" to "woman who wants to make sure everyone gets a look-see at her breastfeeding." She's crossed a line that makes it hard for moms who support breastfeeding as a whole to defend her.

Because Jamie Lynne isn't "just" breastfeeding. She isn't "just" breastfeeding in public either. She's making the act of breastfeeding into a spectacle, splashing it on magazine covers, trying to make some sort of point about how fabulous she is.

But that's more or less the opposite of what moms who breastfeed in public are looking for, isn't it?

From what I can tell, breastfeeding moms are looking for acceptance. They're looking to fit in. They're looking, if you really think about it, to be ignored.

Moms simply want the ability to sit in a restaurant or a park or a courthouse or a library and feed their child without anyone saying anything, without anyone giving them dirty looks. The idea is for breastfeeding to be a non-issue, just a part of the daily grind. After all, it's a kid getting something to eat, right? What's so strange about that?

I sat with a breastfeeding mom on Friday night in a public space -- our local ice cream stand. I ate my ice cream. Her son ate his breast milk. And we carried on a conversation as if nothing unusual was going on. Because, well, it wasn't. Her son was hungry. He ate. I didn't stare at her chest because who has a conversation with someone while staring at their chest?!

That's what breastfeeding in public is all about: being able to function in society and being able to function as a mom, all at the same time. It's not about getting people to pay attention to the fact that you're breastfeeding. But that's just what Jamie Lynne Grumet seems to be all about.

Where do you draw the line between fighting for the right to breastfeed in public and actually making a spectacle of the fact that you're breastfeeding? Has Jamie Lynne Grumet crossed your line?


Image via Pathways to Family Wellness



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nonmember avatar moni

Seriously people, get over yourselves. Breastfeeding moms have every right to feed their kids where ever you eat or you'd give a kid a bottle. As for covering up, how about I throw a blanket over your head while you're eating lunch. Even better, how about I do that on a hot sweltering day. I'm sure you'd be comfortable and happy, right. Close your eyes or don't look. As for not wanting to explain to your kids what a mom is doing, YOU'RE the one wih some issues. No wonder the world has some messed up priorities, BFing is dirty, but people on reality shows should be worshipped and famous.

meigh... meighanmurdock

I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, at any age aslong as the family unit, tge only people who's opinions matter on the issue, are comfortable with it. I wish i had been blessed with the ability to breast feed. But i do disagree with this woman making a spectacle of her breast feeding. Advocacy is great, trying to make a name for yourself at your sons expense is sad.

nonmember avatar GigiM

Reading some of these comments about how "disgusting" it is to breastfeed a 4 year old (BTW the kid was three in this photo and was three during the Time photoshoot) just shows that Jamie is spot on for speaking out about how normal this 'issue' is.

Trying to make her come across as an attention whore is exploitative and should be shamed. This photo was taken as a direct response to the Time cover. They wanted to deconstruct it and tell the AP community what really happened. The fact that the stir and Jeanne is trying to make it more than it is is pretty pathetic.

She is posing as an AP family for a small AP magazine in an AP article. Have you seen any of the other Pathways covers? They are all equally "controversial" and "crunchy" as this cover. However, this magazine is so small and directed to a specific audience it doesn't get attention from mainstream media. The only reason this is getting attention is because people are trying to villianize this woman, not the father mind you, just the mother (both mentioned in the article are equally making parenting choices). Because we live in such a royally F-ed up misogynistic culture.

Go Jamie!

nonmember avatar Hq

It is easy to get away with this when one is rather attractive looking. It makes me ponder how well this would be received if the woman breast feeding did not have her great looks.

nonmember avatar Kendall McEwan

I have to disagree completely with your point. I think putting a mom breastfeeding on the cover of a magazine will help to normalize it. Do you say anything about a mom on the cover of a magazine hugging her child? No - it should be the same for breastfeeding. The idea that it's inappropriate for a magazine cover is exactly the problem.

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