'TIME's Breastfeeding Mom Milks Her Fame With Another Controversial Cover (PHOTO)

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Jamie Lynne Grumet Breastfeeding momRemember the mom who took the mommy wars to the cover of TIME Magazine back in May with that photo of her toddler son breastfeeding while standing on a chair? Jamie Lynne Grumet is baaaaack! This time we get to see her breastfeeding her 4-year-old on the cover of an actual parenting magazine (but at least she let him lie down and get comfy). As if we really needed another shot of her breastfeeding?

Paired with another tagline clearly intended to rile women up: "Mom Enough to Speak Out for Attachment Parenting" (it's a take-off of TIME's incendiary "Are You Mom Enough" coverline), the photo on the cover of Pathways to Family Wellness is actually rather sweet. Mom Grumet lays with her husband wrapped around her, their youngest son at her breast, their oldest son peeking in from behind dad. If only this were the only shot of her we'd ever seen.

With magazine cover two, Jamie Lynne Grumet has gone from "breastfeeding advocate" to "woman who wants to make sure everyone gets a look-see at her breastfeeding." She's crossed a line that makes it hard for moms who support breastfeeding as a whole to defend her.

Because Jamie Lynne isn't "just" breastfeeding. She isn't "just" breastfeeding in public either. She's making the act of breastfeeding into a spectacle, splashing it on magazine covers, trying to make some sort of point about how fabulous she is.

But that's more or less the opposite of what moms who breastfeed in public are looking for, isn't it?

From what I can tell, breastfeeding moms are looking for acceptance. They're looking to fit in. They're looking, if you really think about it, to be ignored.

Moms simply want the ability to sit in a restaurant or a park or a courthouse or a library and feed their child without anyone saying anything, without anyone giving them dirty looks. The idea is for breastfeeding to be a non-issue, just a part of the daily grind. After all, it's a kid getting something to eat, right? What's so strange about that?

I sat with a breastfeeding mom on Friday night in a public space -- our local ice cream stand. I ate my ice cream. Her son ate his breast milk. And we carried on a conversation as if nothing unusual was going on. Because, well, it wasn't. Her son was hungry. He ate. I didn't stare at her chest because who has a conversation with someone while staring at their chest?!

That's what breastfeeding in public is all about: being able to function in society and being able to function as a mom, all at the same time. It's not about getting people to pay attention to the fact that you're breastfeeding. But that's just what Jamie Lynne Grumet seems to be all about.

Where do you draw the line between fighting for the right to breastfeed in public and actually making a spectacle of the fact that you're breastfeeding? Has Jamie Lynne Grumet crossed your line?


Image via Pathways to Family Wellness



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Rebekah Ann Bargowski

There shouldnt be a problem with breast feeding at all, but when your kid is 4 there might be something wrong with you. It is proven that after a year old there is no nutional value to breast milk. After a year I myself believe there is a control issue for the mother. Age of two is pushing it. I am sorry but, let it go after a certain point.


Merissa Peck

My daughter is will be 2 in November and I'm trying to wean her now. I wanted to at a year but she wasn't ready to give it up. There is nothing weird about breast feeding. 100 years ago there was no formula. If a mother could not produce then she would find another woman to nurse her baby. The world's views are so jacked up! Just like natural birth, 100 years ago you couldn't have a c-section or epidural. But today, the Doctors think your nuts when you say no drugs.

Merissa Peck

4 is a little old but it's her choice. She probably shouldn't make a public dispay of herself though. A little much like I said!


nonmember avatar Lindsay

Michelle, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, that's all it is: an opinion. Just because YOU feel that a 4 year old "shouldn't" be nursing still (even though the world average is about 4 years old) does Not mean that another mama should adhere to your opinion or feelings on the matter. SHE feels that she is doing the rot thing and seeing as how it is actually HER child, it really shouldn't - and doesn't - concern YOU :) go on about your day; she will go on about hers.

nonmember avatar PJ

She's just starving for attention. Show me a woman of color breast feeding on a magazine then maybe I will care.

nonmember avatar not4me

Breastfeeding a BABY is normal, but breastfeeding a 4 year old is just nasty! I dont have a problem with women breastfeeding in public as long as they cover it up. I wouldnt want my son seeing some other womans boob and ask what she is doing.

nonmember avatar River

How can anyone not see breastfeeding as "normal?" It seriously disgusts me! Breastfeeding is natural, beautiful and the best for our babies. Breasts were not put on women for men! Do mom's with powder formula bottles get dirty looks in public?

Connie Lambert Brevik

I have no problem with breastfeeding.  I breastfed my twins, but I'll tell you what,  if mom is being discreet about it, big friggin' deal, but if her boob is hanging out in public and my kids are staring, DON'T give my kid a dirty look.  That's my issue, we're not used to seeing boobs out in public, if you don't want people looking, don't give us a reason.

nonmember avatar River

@not4me You are so right! God for bid you have to explain to your poor son that that's how women are supposed to feed their babies. He'd probably be scarred for life!

CariAnn Olson

I have no problem with breastfeeding. My issue is he is 4 YEARS OLD.  And if you are breastfeeding at least have the decency to  cover up.  

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