Beyonce & Jay-Z Like Changing Diapers Because It's a Beautiful Thing

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beyonceEver since Beyonce birthed the gorgeous, majestic child that goes by the name of Blue Ivy, the haters have been out there in droves, hating hard. Be it because she and husband Jay-Z built an entire wing for themselves at Lenox Hill (okay, that was kind of ridiculous); because she's no longer breastfeeding; or because she says both she and her hubby enjoy changing Blue's diapers, they're hating. 

People posted an article on an interview Beyonce did with Anderson Cooper recently; and they reprinted a quote from her, which said: "Actually, [Jay-Z] is very good. We both [change diapers]. I love changing diapers, I love it. I love every moment of it, it’s so beautiful. I love it all.” And the comments? Dammnn. Apparently, nobody thinks Bey or Jay changes their child's poopie diapers -- and if they do, neither likes it.

I love my daughter more than anything, but I'm certainly not one to be all, "Every moment is so, so beautiful. I cherish every second. I've actually bottled her breath and bring it with me to work each day just so I can manage." In the beginning when she was waking up all the time in the middle of the night? Not fun. I mean, it was sweet, cuddling with her and all, but I wouldn't have hated, you know, sleeping. However, when people say they like changing their babies diapers -- yes, even celebrities -- I tend to believe it. Because, well, it is kind of nice.

I'm not talking about explosive diarrhea here or anything -- yes, that can get dicey -- but I've never seen much of a big deal with changing diapies. The way I see it, it's a sign your baby's getting the nourishment they need/aren't dehydrated; and it's sort of a time to "play" with your little one. Don't most babies coo and smile when they're up on their changing table, closer to eye-level with you?

I fully believe that Beyonce (and Jay-Z) change Blue Ivy's diapers -- and enjoy it. Maybe they aren't the ones to do it every single time, but is it that hard to buy that some of the time, they do? It really doesn't take very long. If Bey would have said something like: "Oh, I just love running late and trying to rush out of the house with Blue Ivy with no help at all," I would have rolled my eyes. But diaper changing? Come on.

Do you think Beyonce likes changing Blue's diapers? Do you like changing your babe's diapers?


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bobek bobek

Wow, how do you bottle breath?


nonmember avatar Michelle

I am sure that ANYONE who has as much outside help as these two do WOULD say something like this. Maybe this is why people "hate" on them, as you call it. We ALL wish we had an extra hand! (and any mom who says she doesn't is full of CRAP). I love my daughter more than anything on earth, but was changing her diapers beautiful? Absolutely NOT. You know what was, though? Becoming fully POTTY TRAINED :)

jalaz77 jalaz77

Changing diapers is not something I loved but I loved putting them on that changing table ank kissing feet, belly, hands and face. Tried to make it not so bad on that table!

Emily Kroeker

Okay, I'm going to make a leap and put it a way that I can understand it. I love my baby. Having a baby is an awesome thing. Especially if you've had trouble having a baby before. So, in a way, changing the diapers of a baby you've hoped and and prayed for is a beautiful thing compared to not changing the diaper of a baby you don't have. Make sense? I hope so.
For me, my baby's poop smells worse than most grown men's. But I love her anyway and wouldn't have it any other way.

hotrd... hotrdumommy

Do I love what I may find changing my baby's diaper? Um not really, but I do enjoy when she rolls away from me and I roll her back on give her a kiss then she rolls away again. I think just the time spent is enjoyable.

Rebecca Hicks

I work in child care, (we're talking preschools with four infants per teacher, or six toddlers per teacher) and I love changing diapers.It's a sign a baby trusts you. When the baby has a new caregiver,and the baby is scared of the new adult, diaper-changing is when the child's hows most fear. When the infant is happy while I'm changing his or her diaper, it means he or she likes me, and trusts me.

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