5 Parenting Fails Every New Mom Commits

babyIt goes without saying: Being a new mom is hard. You're used to only taking care of yourself -- maybe a few pets? -- when all of a sudden, boom, there's this little baby in your life whose every need, want, and desire has to be fulfilled by you! So, what happens? Well, sometimes, you screw up. Big time.

Here are 5 parenting fails I've already committed as a new mom. No, I am not proud.

I forgot to tighten the straps in the car seat. I know. I have one of those Snap N Go carseat/stroller combos -- you know where you take the carseat out of the car and pop it into a cart? It's great. Anyway, one time, after I took my daughter out of the car and popped her into the cart, I loosened her straps, because I felt like they were too tight. I strolled her around the store for a while like this, then when I put her back into the car -- oops! I forgot to tighten the straps again. Awesome.

The monitor died and I had an awesome night's sleep. About three weeks into my daughter sleeping in her own room, my unplugged half of the monitor died. In the middle of the night. While I was sleeping. And I never woke up during the night. I'm not talking, like, a 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. sleep here -- more like a midnight to 6. And I'm not gonna lie, I felt like a new woman after. (I like to think that if she did cry, I would have heard, but honestly, we'll never know.)

She slept in pee. Not a pee-pee diaper, a pee-pee crib sheet. When my daughter was first born, we were living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with no laundry. She peed on one crib sheet, and I washed it. Then she peed on another, and, yeah, I wasn't making another trip to the laundromat for one thing. At least it had dried.

I starved her. Not intentionally, obviously, but it's impossible to tell how much food babies are getting when you're nursing! It took a trip to the pediatrician to find out that the reason she was crying, oh, for five, six hours a day was because the poor girl was hungry.

I forgot a diaper. I was running out of the house, I thought there was at least one left in my diaper bag, and yep, just didn't bring one. And yep, my daughter pooped.

What parenting fails have you committed?


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Tasha Elsnau

I have failed at one point or another on just about everything.

 Before I tell all of my fails I have to say when I had my first child I desperately wanted to breastfed her. She was latching just fine at the hospital. When I brought her home it was literally like that baby was glued to my breast for how often she was nursing. After feeding her what seemed like all day long, I had to have a break. My breasts were raw and looked like hamburger, I was getting irritated, she was getting irritated  This went on for about a week. Looking back if I knew then what I know now, my experience with breastfeeding her would have been much better, and she wouldn't have had moments of crying for what seemed like forever.

 As a parent I have failed to some extent on just about everything it seems. Trimming nails too close, forgetting diapers, forgetting change of clothes for baby, laying a newborn where they shouldn't be thinking they didn't move, not properly strapping the straps of a car seat, over sleeping, not putting diapers on right and having babies pee all over the bed/me/w/e, etc.

 My list of failures is quite long. However I think all of my failures have made me a better parent. Most days I'm more consious about what I'm doing, thinking ahead, etc. I think without failures we don't have to grow as parents, and no parent is perfect.

Tasha Elsnau

 I should add, my failure wasn't due to not producing enough, my failure was due to engorging and my breasts being too hard for my daughter to latch onto. I was feeding so often my body couldn't get a rhythm so I was constantly swollen to the side of small watermelons.  Breastfeeding comes so easy to some, and the information about it is easy to come by, for some of us we have to figure it out for ourselves. Up until like 6 months ago our local hospital didn't have a breastfeeding consultant, the nearest one was over an hours drive.

nonmember avatar Mylea

I am by no means a perfect mother, but I can honestly say these are five mistakes l was able to avoid.

nonmember avatar Hailey'sMomma

People tried to make me feel guilty for not breastfeeding and I did feel terrible like a let down to my babygirl but I was not producing enough and she would latch on but only eat in short spurts and lose interest. So, I started pumping every two hours 15 minutes on each breast and barely getting 2 ounces if that, so needed to add formula. It cause such bad cramping it imbolized me and caused me to vomit in pain and scared me. I switched to formula after that and we were both happier and healthier for it. I tryed everything I could and still felt guilty because of judgemental people, but I can say now .. I am 100% happy with my decision and made the best choice for my situation! Good Luck to All Mommies! <3

Samantha Muscia

My husband forgot to strap her in to the car seat completely!  We were running late for church and he put her in, then covered her with her blanket and off we went.  I go to take her out at church and NO straps!  I was like "babe, you forgot to strap her in!!"  It has never happened again :D

We also over fed her for a while.  She was always hungry, so we would give her more, only to then have her spit up everything.  We finally figured out we had to wait a bit to see if she really was hungry or just wanted to suck on something.  Hooray for pacifiers!

Shawn Elizabeth Dancy

My biggest "fail" was cutting my oldest daughter's finger nail too short. She was only a few months old and I had done it a few times before and this one time I must have cut a little too close and she screamed out - ugh! I can still hear the sound of it, believe it or not. I felt SO horrible. Needless to say, 4 more kids later and one due in weeks, I am the expert nail cutter and never made that mistake again. I felt like such a failure when that happened, but thinking back, I know it was just an accident and one I didn't have alone.

Michele L James

I forgot to restock the powdered formula in the diaper bag when my oldest had colic and I was beyond sleep deprived. And if that baby was sleeping and she peed until her diaper leaked I would not disturb her to change it. She never slept for more than an hour at a time though, and that was rare.

Elizabeth Trosper

Actually it is possible to know if your baby is getting enough food or not when you breast feed. You just go by how many wet diapers they have and poopy diapers they make a day. If they are not making enough wet diapers or not pooping a lot, that is a sign they are not getting enough. I am surrpised you were not given the information about how to tell if your baby is getting enough food or not while you were pregnant and right after you had your baby. I thought all hospitals gave all new mothers this information when their baby is coming and right after they have it.


I have slept through my son's cries many times and my husband always had to wake me when he give the baby to me for me to feed him. His bedroom was right next to the living room so no baby monitors were needed and they make that high pitch noise because the apartment was so small so the baby monitors be too close together in range. So I didn't bother using them. I am such a heavy sleeper, even a baby minitor probably won't wake me up. I will eventually though and then I wonder how long he has been crying. Even with him sleeping in the same room, my husband still had to wake me up. My husband can wake me up that quickly but a baby crying doesn't?

Shelly Johns

I have 6,4, and 2 year old and i still forget to check for diapers or pullu ps now, in the backpack... it happens to the best of us heh

Savannah Lattime

Wow ladies you need to chill the fluff out and actually READ in context. It's difficult for new moms to be able to tell how much their nursing child is taking in, especially if you don't produce that quickly. They child could literally be attached to your tit 24/7 and still be screaming of hunger. Nursing is hard. Very hard. You can't honestly sit their all proud and mighty behind your computer screen and tell me you have magic powers that precisely calculated how much milk you had coming out of you. Leave her alone.

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