Kim Zolciak Looks Great After Giving Birth & It's Not Because She's Rich (PHOTO)

kim zolciakReal Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is the latest celeb to give birth ... and then magically whittle away back to her (almost) pre-birth weight within minutes. Oh, and look, she's fresh as a daisy -- hair done, makeup perfect -- to boot. Celebs! They're just like us ... only the opposite!

Kim's 15-year-old daughter, Brielle, tweeted this pic of her mom, who just gave birth to baby Kash Kade, along with the caption: "Seriously... who looks like this after 2 weeks of having a baby?"

Seriously. Who does look like this two weeks after having a baby? Even if I was a rich celebrity with people catering to my every whim, this would not have been possible for me. Not for a second.

Hopefully, things will be different when I have my next baby, because I'll have a better idea of what to expect, but this time around? Hooo boy. I was a hot mess after giving birth. No, a hot mess.

Despite all the preparing I did, I had no idea how sore and ... banged up I'd be. Apologies if this is TMI, but I could barely walk the week following the birth of my daughter. And sleep? Yeah, that didn't happen at all. Whether the baby was sleeping or not, I was up. Be it because I was anticipating her getting up, or I was nervous. I don't know. But I do know it was insane. I don't think a team of 17 makeup artists and hair professionals and magicians and sorcerers could have made me look remotely presentable. I was way too overwhelmed.

So, hats off to Kim, I guess. And Kourtney and Hilary and Snooki, and any other woman in this world who can pull it together a bit after they've had a baby. Lord knows I couldn't. Hopefully, I'll have better luck next time. Dear God, hopefully.

What was your post-birth experience like?

Image via Brielle Zolciak/Twitter

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UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

I left the hospital looking great and was back in my old clothes by two weeks. She's probably wearing a tummy shaper like I did, no big deal.

nonmember avatar Riley

I was 3 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight in two weeks. It really can just fall off for some people...

prinz... prinzesa_edith

If its your first child your sore much longer, with your second or third you bounce back on the second day. And yes money did help her look like that, cuz it takes money to Getty your nails and hair

nonmember avatar Emily

Remember, every woman is different and every pregnancy & delivery is different. My first was a C section so I was out for awhile. My second was a VBAC but I was horribly sore. Couldn't sit, could hardly walk or stand. I watched all the other women prance around the hospital hallway like nothing happened. Meanwhile here I am holding onto the rail praying I make it back to my bed before I pass out. Never compare. It's not worth it.

LSeab... LSeabolt1982

I wore pre pregnancy jeans home from the hospital. You dont HAVE to look like a train wreck just becasue you just had a baby. I wanted to feel better and getting myself together made me feel like a energetic vibrant new mom.

Anna Maria

I had a C-section with both and I was up and walking the next day. With my second one, I was in a room with two other women who had c-sections and one woman was crying out for someone to help her because she felt she was dying, so I got up and walked all the way down the hall to the nurse's station to get help. The next day the woman's husband thanked me for helping her out after I came back from walking around the floor staying out of our room for most of the day. I was sore but I knew the more I walked the better it was to dissipate the gases that is in the belly from surgery. That's what the woman was suffering from. I ended up weighing 30 lbs less after giving birth than I did before I got pregnant. :)


nonmember avatar micki

OMG get real, all you need is a little Air Brushing and you could look like this, Good for Kim she had a great Photo Op and she looked great, lets not be nasty. Just get a good photo taker and Presto you have a great body......

Kathy Hammond Fridley

SPANX"S they work wonders,if someone came in and did my makeup,did my wig,and took care of the baby,I could of looked great to!!!!!!

Cye Cye

One of her "good" wigs, some uber Spanx, lots o' makeup and she's good to go! But thanks for writing this so all these women can take the opportunity to brag to strangers about how they bounced right back! I'm sure everyone else they actually know has already heard all about it. Many times. ;D

LSeab... LSeabolt1982

I actually dont talk about it often. I dont want to seem braggy but DAMN IT it was hard not to eat an entire bad of powedered donuts and a gallon of milk in one sitting. I worked hard to gain the right amount of weight but not to much and to be back to normal fast. I gained 32 with my son and lost it in 6 weeks and gained 15 with my daughter and lost it before I left the hospital. I am proud of that.

I knew too many people that used pregnancy as an excuse to shove their face with whatever they wanted, gain 100 pounds and then wonder why it was so hard to lose. Hmm lets think about this for a moment shall we....

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