Should I Change My Bottles to BPA Free?

Evy1616 asked this question in the Answers section and a lot of moms want the answer. There is much confusion surrounding bisphenol-A (also called BPA), an ingredient used in plastic products including baby bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and other toys. Some scientists are saying that it could be unsafe for babies (they say it can cause cancer, diabetes, and affect breast development), but the FDA says there's no need to worry and that BPA is safe for infants ...


Still, Walmart and Toys 'R' Us have decided to stop selling baby bottles containing BPA. And there are several brands that make BPA-free baby bottles including Playtex (which is offering free samples of its BPA-free Drop-Ins Original Nurser System on its site), Evenflo, Adiri, BornFree, and Green to Grow. Natursutten and Razbaby are two brands that make BPA-free pacifiers. What do you think? Are you worried enough about BPA that you'll change your baby's bottles or are you comforted by the FDA's safety report?

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