Best Diaper Ad Ever Captures Reality of Breastfeeding in Public (VIDEO)

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There are two kinds of moms who breastfeed in public -- those who cover up and those who don't. Doesn't matter what way you choose to nurse your baby in public, of course, but my point is not every mom should be forced to cover up if it doesn't work for her ... or her baby. And every mother should have the right to feed her baby wherever and whenever baby is hungry.

Luvs, yes makers of diapers, did the incredible and featured a breastfeeding mom in a new commercial. It's funny, relatable, does that whole 'first kid/second kid' comparison, and makes a statement whether they intended to or not in defense of breastfeeding moms. Check it out.

Did you notice how the actor as a first-time mom breastfeeding her baby in the restaurant actually sticks out more with that big white blanket over her? She's uncomfortable and seems nervous trying to hide behind a plant. This is very much how many of us feel as a first-time mom trying to nurse baby in public. Especially knowing how most people think you should hide in the bathroom to do it.

But after the second baby, the mama is at ease. She even jokes to the waiter that her baby already ordered (breastmilk!) after she tells him, Eyes up here, buddy.

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I was a first-time and second-time mom just minutes apart -- I had twins. And I remember those early days of being worried that someone would see a baby at my breast while I was nursing in public and think it was obscene. But after a few months of fussy babies not liking being under covers while eating and worrying where my hooter hider was every time I left the house, I stopped concerning myself with all that and focused on feeding my kids whenever I had to. Because it's really not a big deal. Moms don't get naked to do it. And nipples aren't there on full display when kids nurse either. This Luvs commercial rings so true -- this is what it looks like when a mom breastfeeding in public. Nothing obscene about it.

Well, okay, maybe the commercial stretched the scenario a little bit. If they wanted to make it even more real, the toddler wouldn't have been so well behaved.

Great job, Luvs. And thank you!

What do you think of the commercial?

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Heather Umphrey Dudley

To all those moms who covered anyway: Great! No one has ever told you you had to. The breastfeeding relationship should be about what's comfortable for mom and baby... not what everyone around thinks. There will always be those who are offended no matter what.

If you want to cover? Great. If you dont? Great. :)

It's all about what makes you and your baby comfortable and happy and able to continue breastfeeding!

nonmember avatar Valerie

This is GREAT!! I wish it would run on prime time TV. If more big corp. and media would make commercials like this maybe we could all be like the second time mom in the commercial.

Ann Butowski

The commercial is cute. But in reality it's silly to expect the general public at large, to feel as we do. I think it is GOOD MANNERS to consider the feelings of others. I never sat in a bathroom nursing, but I did use a blanket, or some such thing for modesty.

Adria... AdrianzStar

Nice!  This is the best breastfeeding commercial ever, in my opinion.  Funny, unashamed, and not provocative.  I think it is commercials like these that will help to 'normalize' breastfeeding in our culture.

Melissa Mack

brilliant! simply brilliant!

Shawn Butler

I LOVE this commercial! I am currently pregnant with my 4th child and have breastfed the first three and plan to breastfeed this one but I have never felt comfortable breastfeeding in public covered or not, so I tend to find a fitting room or go to restaurants that have a sitting/nursing rooms for mothers. I wish I could get over my own insecurities and feed anywhere but I am just too self conscious.

lizzig lizzig

as a mama that never covered, even with my first, i love it!!!

nonmember avatar Carrie

Nice looking ad. too bad about the message. Because you can only look frazzled, stressed and like a first time mom if you want to and choose to cover up, and serene and glamorous if you don't? I have 3 kids, covered up with all of them because my boobs are my boobs and I'm not comfortable baring my chest for all to see. The truth is waiters WILL look, and so will almost everyone else because while it is normal to feed your baby in the most natural way, it is not a usual thing to see someones breasts in public. Keep the ads to being about DIAPERS LUVS.

Karla Mason Bergen

Love it! We need more ads like this to help normalize breastfeeding, so mothers don't feel like they have to go hide to "do it."

Caera Caera

There are two kinds of women who breastfeed in public: Those who are considerate of other people, and those who are self-absorbed assholes.

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