'Honey Boo Boo' Family Tries to Accept New Baby's Birth Defect

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Honey Boo Boo's sistersThink what you will about the Thompson family from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but my heart goes out to teen mom Anna right now. The eldest daughter of June Shannon and "Sugar Bear" made the couple grandparents with the birth of baby Kaitlyn. And now it's out that the baby has a birth defect -- she was born with an extra thumb on her right hand.

Yes, this is the same little girl who was dosed with a pacifier dipped in Mountain Dew recently, but the two things aren't related. The baby girl had the extra finger at birth. And from the way the family is talking, that thumb is there to stay.

Grandmother June told People that they've embraced the extra digit because "it makes Kaitlyn more special to us."

Well, that's one way to look at it. Hold on, I'm not criticizing this family.

I tend to think that if my child was born with an extra finger, I'd have it removed if only because it is so obvious. You can hide a third nipple under your shirt if it makes you uncomfortable. You can keep your six toes in a shoe until you begin to feel comfortable in flip flops. But there's no hiding your hands when you need to use them constantly.

I'd hate to think that my child was being picked on because of something that I could have had fixed.

But I can't fault Honey Boo Boo's sister if she decides that Kaitlyn's polydactyly (the official name for extra digits) is something she wants to just leave alone.

Until you're facing a baby with a birth defect face-to-face, it's easy to imagine what you would do. But when this is your reality, all those snap decisions tend to get lost in a sea of "what if"s.

What if you have surgery to remove an extra limb or digit and something goes wrong? The baby is seemingly healthy, so why put her life at risk? On the other hand, what if this extra thumb is going to turn her into the laughingstock of her classes in elementary school? Kids are cruel, and this could be what bullies choose to pick on to make her life a living hell.

Having all those thoughts running through her head can't be easy for Anna. Then add in the fuss over being on a TV show AND being a new mom? All I can think is that poor girl! 

What would you do if your child was born with something "extra"? Would you embrace it or remove it?


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Cheyanne Carnii Wilson

I wouldn't get it removed unless it was health issue and it needed too. That's how she was born and there's no need to change it. And bullying? Children get bullied whether they have a health problem/birth defect or not. If you teach your child that that the extra finger is a positive rather than a negative then they may be even proud to be different.

grey7399 grey7399

Why are people so stupid???  

The extra finger makes the child "more" special?  WTF is wrong with a child has normal fingers?  I guess they're "less" special eh?  Morons.  Oh and a teen mom to boot.  Great.  Poor kid.  Born to filth, doomed to be raised in it by morons.  Oh well, maybe that extra finger will help her hang on to her spatula at the local dairy queen flipping burgers.

nonmember avatar Hannah caller

My friends little girl was born with an extra thumb, the surgery to remove it didn't go as well as expected & now she keeps having to have repeat surgeries as she can't move her existing thumb, they should leave it til she's older! Tralfaz, that is a very ignorant comment, not all polydactyl cases are a result of inbreeding.

Kathy Cologero

I feel theyre leaving it alone so people will talk about it I have a disabled child and I ve done every thing to make life easier for her she has been in pt,ot,and speech.just hope theyre doing it for all the right reasons..

Miriam Kennedy

I don't watch this show regularly , but my kids do and so I see it occasionally, who is the father of this girls baby and why do we never see him? I realize she's young and all, but every redneck teenage boy  I know is fascinated with babies (I assume he is a redneck teenage boy?) 

lover... lovergal91

@Lilac:  Love the reference and the movie!


Ariane Bolt

I think you need to leave the decision up to the kid.  Just so you know, kids I know would think it's awesome to have an extra opposable thumb. 

Jamie Jones

holy cow!!! after seeing this family and how disregarded couth or feminine tact, is especially the family being all girls..that woman (june) couldnt help her daughter make the right decision anyways!! from what it sounds like between a year or 2 years old would be a good time to take care of it..no trauma for the child at that age not really knowing whats going on, therefore no post traumatic stress there for her..its harder on mom's to send their child in for that surgery then on the child at their age. i know how emotionally difficult it was to send my child off for circumcision at 2 days old..but he has no recolection of it! they should totally just be considering whats best for the child..but poor anna to me doesnt even act any older then lauren and shes 12..wheres the boy that got her pregnant too btw?! i feel so sorry for those girls, they didnt ask to be born into such a careless, tactless, no couth parenting situation! ive seen boys with better manners!!!!and yes, kids are cruel! just do whats best for poor kaitlyn!! its funny how polydactyl cats are such a rare find and its special to have one..but ive never heard of it with ppl!

Jamie Jones

 @Cheyanne Carnii Wilson...you do make a  good point too..@ Miriam Kennedy..you also have an interesting point!! why are they keeping it quiet!!!??? makes you wonder who is the father? and why there are no other grandparents wanting to see the baby or dont have anything to do with it. and as young and as immature anna is for her age...hummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! sometimes not such a good idea to have tlc record every intamate detail of your lives!!! thats just my perspective as a mother and a grandmother

Laurie Hale Foreman

This kid should capitalize on this. Wear a mitten, and charge the other kids a dollar to see the thumb.

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