Co-Sleeping Mom Admits to Having Sex With Baby In Bed (VIDEO)

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sex while cosleepingAs a co-sleeping, baby-wearing, breastfeeding kind of mama, I love discussing everything involving natural parenting topics. And you know what else is natural? Sex with your husband. After having a baby and getting the all-clear from the doctor that your body is ready to resume the nookie, many of us cannot wait to get frisky.

On Coffee Shop Confessions, one mom admitted that she and her husband had sex with their 8-week-old baby right there in the bed with them, making the panel cringe. But it seems that the mom confessing was also cringing at what she had done. Let's roll the videotape ....

Now as I said, I'm a co-sleeping mom, but when it comes to having sex, my husband and I do not get it on with a kid in the bed. And this doesn't mean we don't have sex. We just don't have sex in the bed. There isn't some rule where doing the naughty can only take place between the sheets, right? Why not try the couch, the shower, or the kitchen table?

If you're a parent who has done the deed with baby right there in the bed with you, then that's cool. Whatever works for your family. The baby here is just 8-weeks old and I'm sure mom and dad were super quiet. But did you notice how mama felt really uncomfortable with it all? To me, that means she should take the sex to another room. Or even the floor in the same room. Heck, why not just do it standing up against the wall. That would be hot.

For the mamas who do schtup their husbands with baby in bed, I have to admit that I'm a tad jealous. Your baby must be the best sleeper ever.

Do you think this mom crossed the line between attachment parenting and "too close for comfort" parenting?


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Xiemeneh Xiemeneh

To me, this issue boils down to one thing . . . respect. As parents, we should respect our children enough to keep "grown folks business" between grown folks.

dee1603 dee1603

What about putting your baby in their own room where they belong?

Caera Caera

That's awful. If you're going to have sex, put the baby in a basinette or crib.


Nycti... Nyctimene

Can't let a day go by on the Stir without something nasty to say about co-sleeping. SMH.

MomLi... MomLily67

I see no harm, baby does not know what is going on at that age, and if the parents feel comfortable... they are making love to each other not the baby.  After baby is born, many times the rule for sex becomes "get where you can!!!", haha

grnsm... grnsmomma

I would never be able to get into the mood with my baby in the bed.  That's just wrong to me.  Isn't that the price you pay to cosleep?

Myra Sawicki

Well, I at first read the headline to mean that the mother was admitting that she had sex with her baby, so I was getting enraged thinking about what kind of sick psycho would do such a thing.  lol  Now I understand, but I don't think you should do that with the baby there.  Yep, get a bassinet and then do the deed.

jzece... jzecena1333

We co sleep and have done it numerous times in bed. Usually it will start in the bed, but then we end up moving to the floor. Our dd is a super heavy sleeper and always has been. I'm sure if she was a light sleeper we probably wouldn't.

Mayhe... MayhemMatriarch

I've co-slept with all four of my children and have never had sex with any of them while they were in the same bed with us. We're just not at all okay with that.

Fayeanne Catherine Large

You people are crazy! If you can't have common sense to buy cribs or move them elsewhere, you really have no business procreating. Really, none at all. Sex is for adults, not children!

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