Adorable Twin Baby Girls Rock Out While Daddy Plays Guitar (VIDEO)

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twin baby girlsThere are plenty of cute kid videos that go viral and make us oooh and awww, but this one takes cuteness to a whole new level. First of all there are twins involved, which always adds an extra adorable factor, but these twins in particular are just the happiest little rays of sunshine you've ever seen. 

They're sitting side-by-side in their high chairs eating peas when dad starts playing his guitar. The minute they hear the chords start, they know it's on, and they start rocking out. Watch it after the jump, but be prepared for some major cuteness overload. You seriously have to have a heart of coal if this doesn't at least make you smile.

My favorite part is that the second they hear the music start they look at each other before they start getting down. I can imagine them giving each other those looks for years to come. And the dancing itself is so rhythmic and pretty well synchronized. I'm thinking a family act is order here. 

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I love watching any and all kids dancing; it's one of the most pure forms of joys and innocence there is. These little girls epitomize that, and I hope they continue rocking out for years to come.

Do you have videos of your kids dancing?


Image via Brovadere/YouTube

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MamaD... MamaDee83

Omg I love how they look at each other knowingly, as if to say, "Oooh, Daddy's playing the guitar! You KNOW this means we HAVE to dance!" So adorable! We have a video of our son basically doing a booty drop at about a year and a half old lol!


i'm with MamaDee83, they actually look at each other as if to say oh its on a jam session, the smiles are infectuous, they have this big smile the entire time, this is not just cuteness its major cuteness, its in my fave list, along with the twins talking to each other about what not to do!

mamivon2 mamivon2

no video of my kids dancing... those twins are cute tough

Ashle... AshleyB1984

Wow - so adorable!!!

flawskii flawskii

I agree with MamaDee83! This is just waay too adorable

CPN322 CPN322

They are too cute! That knowing look they share before jamming out is priceless!

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