First Leaked Photos of Snooki's Baby Reveal One Hairy Meatball (VIDEO)

snookiIf you couldn't quite believe that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi actually gave birth to another human being, the first pictures have been released to show that it's indeed true. TMZ got a hold of them, and they show the cutest little hairy meatball you've ever seen. Hopefully, it's the only hairy meatball you've ever seen, but still. 

In the pictures she's being wheeled out of a New Jersey hospital with little Lorenzo LaValle in her arms and some sky-high platform heels on her feet. You can't make out much of the gorilla meatball, but what you can see is covered in hair -- thick, dark, hair, just ready to be slicked back Jersey-style. Unfortunately there are no glimpses of his skin to see how much tanning work he may need.


Given his parents, it's not surprising that he'd have such a full head of hair, but I always think babies with tons of hair are just a little funny looking-- my daughter was one of them. They're still adorable as I'm sure little Lorenzo is, but it doesn't mean they can't be a little shocking at first sight.

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In some other surprising news today from Snooks, she revealed just what she's feeding her little Guido, and it's a bit unexpected.

It's breast milk. On Twitter she said, "I love nursing my little man!" in response to a woman's question. Then a little while later she tweeted: " insteada .

Good for her! If you recall, she was pretty hesitant about the whole business while she was pregnant. She even compared breastfeeding moms to cows, but here she is doing it.

What did I tell you? She really is going to be great mom I think. I can't wait to see more pictures of the little guy and watch her evolve in her new role as a mother.

What do you think of the first pictures of Snoooki's baby? Are you surprised she's breastfeeding?




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