Snooki's Day-Old Baby Is Already a Reality Star (VIDEO)

SnookiShe's only been a mom for like a day -- and already, Snooki is sharing her adventures as a new parent to baby Lorenzo with all of her fans. And it sounds like her first night with a newborn went pretty much like you'd expect, because she tweeted out the following update: "Hardly any sleep but SO worth it!" (Just wait honey -- this is only night one.)

I guess it really shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Snooki isn't being shy about how things are going since she gave birth, and I think it's safe to say this is only the first of many details we're going to hear about little Lorenzo's progress. C'mon -- you know we're going to get a total play-by-play. I mean, this is Snooki we're talking about, and she's not exactly known for staying mum on whatever thought happens to enter her mind.


And even though some fans will probably roll their eyes and yell "TMI" every time Snooki has something new to share, I for one am really looking forward to her updates -- because they're bound to be pretty hilarious.

OMG. Aren't you just the least bit curious about what will come out of her mouth when that baby has his first diaper blowout? Something tells me she'll have the perfect way of summing up the feelings of shock and horror when finds out the whole "no leak" thing isn't exactly foolproof.

And while she hasn't confirmed whether or not she's breastfeeding her baby, I really hope that she is -- because reading her tweets about having rock-hard boobs and being hooked up to a breast pump would be nothing short of hysterical. 

Of course, I guess there's always the possibility that Snooki will find herself too exhausted and overwhelmed in the next few weeks to even have the energy to pick up her phone and tweet -- but let's hope that doesn't happen. It would be such a shame to miss out on what are likely going to be some of the most entertaining thoughts we've ever heard come out of a reality TV star.

You can hear more about baby Lorenzo in this video clip.

Do you think Snooki should be open and honest in sharing her new journey as a mom, or keep some things to herself?


Image via Jedimentat44/Flickr

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