5 Bibs Too Bizarre for Babies

Jeanne Sager | Aug 24, 2012 Baby

baby dollWe have seen some pretty creepy things designed for babies lately. Case in point: Fifty Shades of Grey onesies anyone? But just when I was thinking the bizarre things people think are appropriate for baby to wear out on the town were the worst it could get, it got worse.

Introducing the seriously disturbing ... baby bibs! Apparently moms and dads have decided it is not enough to emblazon curse words on the clothes their little cuties wear when they are out and about.

Now they feel the need to ensure that you are creeped out while watching baby get his eat on too!

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I guess the good news is that the very nature of what a bib does means they will get so caked in mashed peas and drool that the messages will be obliterated in no time. But it doesn't exactly make me feel better about the future of the human race when I see parents who think it's funny to be crass

Seriously, folks, can't we just go back to "I'm cute" and call it a day?

Which of these bibs would you buy for your baby ... any of them?


Image via Lara604//Flickr

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