Bugaboo's New $2,000 Stroller Will Take Baby for a Ride Alright

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BugabooWhen I first became a mom, the most important thing to me was the "stuff." OK, that's not EXACTLY true. In fact, I was thrilled to be a mom and have a baby and love her to pieces, but I was also just enamored with fancy strollers and cute baby clothing that was brand new and sparkling. I couldn't wait to be a mom in THAT way. Now, six years later, I know how silly I was.

That $600 stroller my parents bought for me was awesome. I loved it. But it's beaten down now and sits in our car, waiting to either be thrown away or sold. Was it worth it? Meh. Kind of. But I could have spent $300 less and had the same results. So when I hear about a Viktor & Rolf for Bugaboo stroller for $1,775, it gives me pause.

Why does anyone -- even rich people -- need a stroller that high end?

Look, I am on the materialistic side. I have the designer hand bags and the Frye boots. I love shopping and being spendy on the right things. But a stroller? Is not the right thing.

Expensive strollers aren't a new concept and posh moms have been pushing them for years. But they're pointless. They're also a status symbol that can make poorer moms feel like they're depriving their babies.

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A woman I know who is definitely not wealthy dug for hours through Craigslist ads because she NEEDED to have a Bugaboo for her kid. Why? Because it was the one all the rich people had. Her baby had to have "the best."

If you can afford a $1,700 stroller, great. More power to you. But if you can't, then let it go. Buy the stroller you can afford. Sure, the fancier one may have more bells and whistles. It may handle better or have better storage, and if you can find it used, awesome. But if you can't, there is no shame in a lower priced stroller. It's more practical.

In the end, five years later, all of the strollers end up in the same place -- gathering dust in one's garage. Save the money!

Do you think this is outrageous?


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2monk... 2monkeysnj

For the record, I have a Bugaboo stroller and think it's horrible.  It's a colossal pain in the butt to fold and get in and out of the car with it.  Seriously...not worth the money in my opinion.  

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I have an $800 double jogger, and a $160 Graco stroller. Guess which one I've used the most in the past four years. That's right, the Graco! I love my double but I only use it for the fairs, zoos, walking trips etc. I used the single every day for both my girls when they were babies and then it was my go to for when my youngest was still a little unsteady on her feet and I knew we'd be walking around more then usual. Would I every spend over a grand on a stroller? No way. Because I know it's going to be outgrown within a few years. There are very good quality strollers out there that are worth investing in for less then that price tag. But our society is so brand driven that most of us moms feel the need to compete or feel less of ourselves. I can't tell you how much I wanted a coach diaper bag unti I realized that saving up for it would take away from the fun days I spent with my children at the beach, zoos, etc. not to mention how many bags I've already gone through with two kids. That $500 bag would have been done within a season. So not worth it in the grand scheme of things. It took me awhile to realize that brands don't matter, they don't make you a better mother. Loving your child and doing what's best for them is more then enough. Most kids don't even get that. God knows how many times I wish I could have turned around to my parents and told them I would have traded all the materialistic bs for just some time with them. Live & Learn!

paige... paige8608

I work at a baby retailer & we sell many high end strollers, including the Bugaboo. I've sold pehaps 5 in the 2 years I've been working here. Most people go with Graco or Chicco travel systems. And I have a City Mini...$250 (well, I paid $145 for mine b/c of my discount) and it's absolutely amazing! My son is 4 and we still use it. The Bugaboo does a lot of stuff & it can be customized in many way, but I still do not see the value in it. And b/c I live in a suburban area, it makes no sense for most people who live here to own a Bugaboo...it's kind of absurd. If you can aford it, more power to ya...but a lot of my guests put things into perspective, "That's a month's rent/mortgage!" And when it's put into those terms...it seems just frivolous to purchase such a stroller. I would put that money towards more important things.

Senia... Seniahmom

Obscene. Why people spend money so ridiculously is beyond me.

Melis... Melissa1508

@Seniahmom, I'm with you.  Over a grand for a stroller?  Seriously?  It's just a "hey look at me" thing, in my opinion.  I guess to each his own, but to me it's all about appearances.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

So you spending an obscene amount of money on a purse or boots is acceptable, but spending money on a stroller is shaming the poor?

Do you think that there aren't people out there combing through Craigslist looking for a used designer purse because it is what the rich use?

FYI, I have used cheap strollers and high end strollers. The high end ones tend to hold up better and can be used for multiple children and still look good. Can't afford an expensive stroller? That's fine, buy what you can, but it doesn't negate the fact that some people can afford the expensive models and shouldn't be made to feel ashamed about it.

nonmember avatar Tara

To each his/her own. Our stroller was $1200 sticker price (we paid $1000 for it on a promotion). We live in Boston and don't own a car, so it's our baby's main mode of transport. It turns on a dime and can handle the cobblestones. It has a basinette, which was not only our stroller but our son's bed for the first 4 months of his life. It has a winter textile set that kept him toasty warm in the winter without having to stuff him into a million layers. It can two-wheel up stairs when the elevators are out on the T. I know it's expensive, but I use it every day and I love it. I bet most people spend more than $1200 annually on gas alone. Every family's needs and wants are different. Don't judge me based on my fancy stroller ;)

Karla C. Mulrenan

I could care less what people buy. I never judge people by their possesions but by the attitude and personality they have. And trust me, most people who do buy these strollers are snobby cunts. I live in the city and I get sick at the stares I get when I am next to one of these expensive strollers with a bratty whiny i-want-it-all kid in it. I'm not less of a parent because I stroll my son on 70 dollar stroller either. Oh, and I hate how much space these strollers take up in the subway!!

Torra... TorranceMom

We have a Bugaboo and an Orbit and they are both worth every penny. Everybody should get the stroller(s) that best suit their needs/lifestyle.

nonmember avatar Vanessa Le

Good lord as moms don't we have things to take care of and are so busy to notice or get jealous of other moms strollers and how much they cost. As a new mom when I'm out and about with my child in our stroller I'm shocked as to how all the moms stare at other moms and check out their strollers and babies. Women are crazy and catty! I also catch moms gossiping and comparing other moms post-baby bodies and they don't even know each other. It's challenging enough to be mothers so why be judgmental of others. If you can't or won't spend big money on your stroller that's your choice. If someone else has the spending power and can afford to then good for them.

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