Bugaboo's New $2,000 Stroller Will Take Baby for a Ride Alright

BugabooWhen I first became a mom, the most important thing to me was the "stuff." OK, that's not EXACTLY true. In fact, I was thrilled to be a mom and have a baby and love her to pieces, but I was also just enamored with fancy strollers and cute baby clothing that was brand new and sparkling. I couldn't wait to be a mom in THAT way. Now, six years later, I know how silly I was.

That $600 stroller my parents bought for me was awesome. I loved it. But it's beaten down now and sits in our car, waiting to either be thrown away or sold. Was it worth it? Meh. Kind of. But I could have spent $300 less and had the same results. So when I hear about a Viktor & Rolf for Bugaboo stroller for $1,775, it gives me pause.

Why does anyone -- even rich people -- need a stroller that high end?


Look, I am on the materialistic side. I have the designer hand bags and the Frye boots. I love shopping and being spendy on the right things. But a stroller? Is not the right thing.

Expensive strollers aren't a new concept and posh moms have been pushing them for years. But they're pointless. They're also a status symbol that can make poorer moms feel like they're depriving their babies.

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A woman I know who is definitely not wealthy dug for hours through Craigslist ads because she NEEDED to have a Bugaboo for her kid. Why? Because it was the one all the rich people had. Her baby had to have "the best."

If you can afford a $1,700 stroller, great. More power to you. But if you can't, then let it go. Buy the stroller you can afford. Sure, the fancier one may have more bells and whistles. It may handle better or have better storage, and if you can find it used, awesome. But if you can't, there is no shame in a lower priced stroller. It's more practical.

In the end, five years later, all of the strollers end up in the same place -- gathering dust in one's garage. Save the money!

Do you think this is outrageous?


Image via Bugaboo

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