'50 Shades of Grey' Baby Onesies Are 50 Shades of Creepy

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Fifty Shades BabyIt's happening. The Fifty Shades of Grey baby boom we here at The Stir predicted months ago is very much a "thing." Moms are announcing right and left that Christian Grey got them pregnant (with a little help from a real live man).

But ladies, some of y'all seem to be taking this obsession just a wee bit too far. Can we just talk about the Fifty Shades baby paraphernalia? It's here. And it's kind of creepy!

Take the onesie that reads "I'm a Fifty Shades baby." It might sound all sweet and innocent, but let's fast forward about, oh, 10 years. Your 10-year-old is paging through the family album and asks "What's Fifty Shades, Mommy?"

Will you be ready to answer that one? Especially when the follow up question is "OK, but what does that kinky sex book have to do with ME?" Face. Palm.

Same goes for the "Generation Grey" onesies. That will be an odd one to explain, won't it?

There's more out there that's not so blatant. I noticed a onesie that simply reads "Fifty Shades of Cute." It's more of a pop culture nod, less an announcement that you like it rough, but still. I'm sure any little booger who gets to wear that will be all kinds of cute ... but now everyone who is looking at that little innocent child is going to be thinking "spank me, no whip me, no .... CHRISTIAN!" Really? On a baby?

I'm all for celebrating ourselves as sexual beings and happy fun when you're babymaking, but maybe you can rein it in where the actual baby is concerned. There's plenty of OTHER insanely cute stuff out there for baby already. How about you just keep your Fifty Shades of kinky in the bedroom where you can work on a sibling for that little cutie?

Would you allow your baby to wear or carry anything with a 50 Shades reference?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

I was not impressed with the 50shades books.. After the first book I skipped passed all the "kinky fuckery". And I see all over pinterest people saying they bluch every time they hear the word vanilla, seriously? My husband wouldnt have sex/make love/kinky fuckery or what have you til after I was done with the books for over a week because he wanted to make sure I was doing it with him and not Grey. I told him there was no chance that I was imagining an overbearing, jealous whiny brat creep over him

CoolC... CoolCrazyMOM888

Yeah uh no i wouldn't put  50 shades apparel on my child..I don't think it would be appropriate in my opinion.


No. The books are stupid and putting anything on your child that references them is trashy.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

This 50 shades obsession has gone too far. I'm already so sick of hearing about it and seeing articles about it EVERYWHERE and the movie isn't even out yet. Ugh. And to top it off my husband is trying to demand that I read the books thinking it will improve our sex life. I'm sorry but nobody is forcing this fad on me. When is this just gonna go away!?

Teri_25 Teri_25

Lol, Heather. That's funny. My husband thinks the books are as dumb as I do. I'm glad we agree that these books are overrated.

MzSer... MzSeriously

personally think the books are 50 shades past over rated


Venae Venae

Translation - Conceived During Bondage.  Cute.

Redwall Redwall

All I've heard about the book is that's it's soft porn...advertising it on a onesie is creepy.

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