Kim Zolciak Gives Her New Baby a Kardashian-Inspired Name

kim zolciakHey, guess who had a baby? Kim Zolciak from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yep, Kim and her husband, Kroy Biermann, welcomed their second child into the world on Wednesday -- another healthy baby boy. Kim gave birth to the couple's first son, KJ, a mere 14 months ago, and she has two daughters, Brielle and Ariana, from a previous marriage, But anyway! The name. What'd they pick? What are Kim and Kroy calling this brand new bundle of joy. Methinks you're kind of curious, right? As you should be! It's a really unusual name. And it's super Kardashian. Isn't everything these days?

Baby number two's name is Kash Kade! So, that makes their little family: Kroy, Kim, KJ, and Kash. Kind of reminds you of another "K" family we know and love. Or hate? I don't know where you lie on the Kardashians. But yeah, I think it's cute! I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again: I think it's adorable when parents give their children names that start with the same letter. And if Mom and Dad have names that start with that letter, as well, all the better!

So, kongrats, Kim and Kroy (and KJ and Kash!). We kouldn't be happier for you guys. And kongrats to the letter "K." We never thought a letter could be trendy. There really is nothing those Kardashians can't do. Sorry, kan't do.

Do you like the name Kash Kade? Do you like it when siblings have names that start with the same letter?


Image via Bravo

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RN_713 RN_713

I'm sorry, but all I can think of when I see that name is Cascade.

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

Haha RN I had the same thought! Poor child. Both are ok names, though Cash should be with a C. But together they are not the best choice

Marlene Sweeney

congrats love the name god bless the family .....

Donna L. Barksdale

The name is not anything I would have called my son...but then it seems like Stars pick unusual names... I did give all my children names with the same initial too though... In my family we were all D's and I named My kids all "J"s   ...I agree with the other lady.... Kashkade...sounds like Cascade..

nonmember avatar Amberly

So HOW is it Kardashian inspired?? Same initial inspiration....many families do the same! Just so happens to be another K family....

Karen Williams Ellison

I do like the name "Kash", but I agree, the 1st thing that "Kash Kade" brought to mind is "Cascade", that's the name of my neighborhood! LOL! It doesn't roll off the tongue very well (the 2 names together)...

Dee Knowlton

Would that not make her daughters feel left out,ah ya Kim still as stupid as always.Yay she can pop out kids,she's still lazy & fake as heck.I was always told growing up that football players aren't the smartist (hitting in the head)so when Kroy wakes up he will c her for what she is.It won't always b roses & wine.I looked & my  hubby checked for me,I don't c where he plays on the team,there is a diffrence sitting on the side lines & playing.What is going 2 happen when he is no longer playing & she is still so lazy she needs sweetie,oh wait she isn't working 4 Kim any-more,must b she would'nt go so far as 2 wipe her butt 4 her.She is so stinking lazy she won't cook,clean,Keoy even had 2 change the baby,oh Kroy u got a winner there.To bad 4 u ur friends will start laughing at ya down the road, kroy ,she is trying 2 b a barbie doll not a woman or wife.We could c that his momma was trying to b pleasent 4 her boy but man can u imagine ur son walking in the door with that on his arm,lol.

kathi... kathislove80

Little family of all Ks? Hello, she has two daughters.

Princess Pink

I dont like the name......the person up above is right...cascade....Nope...yuck.

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