Millions of Bumbo Baby Seats Recalled: What You Need to Know

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bumbo seatIf you're like any other mom in America, then sitting somewhere in your living room among your ridiculous amount of baby gear is a Bumbo seat. (Am I right?) That thing is awesome for helping babies sit up, and it's so convenient for feeding, etc. But if you do have one, then you'd better read on, because 4 million Bumbo baby seats have been recalled due to major safety hazards.

The seats present a falling risk to infants when they are placed on raised surfaces, which can result in injuries as severe as skull fractures. And as much as I'd like to say I only put my son in his Bumbo seat when it was on the floor, I can recall setting him on the kitchen counter in it a time or two. Because that thing fits so snugly around a baby's body, you'd never dream they'd fall out of it. Luckily, I never had any safety issues with my Bumbo seat -- but other parents haven't been so fortunate.

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The seats were originally recalled in 2007 after babies fell out of them, and as a result, a warning was issued to parents stating that the seats should never be used on elevated surfaces. But not everyone got the message, and since then, at least 50 babies have gotten hurt. Want to know the scariest part? Get this one -- some of the infants who suffered injuries fell out of their Bumbo seats while they were placed on the ground.

But before you panic and immediately take your Bumbo seat to the nearest dumpster, the CPSC has a solution to make your seat safe. All you need to do is contact Bumbo to be given a free kit that includes a safety belt for the seat and new instructions on how to use it properly. You can check out Bumbo's recall site for more information on the kit, or call (866) 898-4999.

Do you use a Bumbo seat, and have you ever worried about it not being safe?


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brand... brandspanknnew

@Haley: My child is the same way. No elevated surfaces, PER DIRECTIONS PEOPLE!, only on good squishy surfaces, sometimes she's on the hard wood, but she's the same way! To get her out we have to pull it off of her butt after we lift her up! LMAO. It's so cute and funny.

brand... brandspanknnew

It is because parents are stupid @brianne king. They SHOULD READ THE BACK OF THE FRIGGIN THING. I'm still going to get my kit though, just so I can make sure all precautions are taken. She's never been on an elevated surface in one, plus it gets stuck to her!

Heather Merrick

Oh my goodness, I bought one for my son who was born 10pds.. and he never could use it because his lil legs were so fat that it cut off his circulation...but even buying it I knew this wasnt something I was suppost to have on a counter, some people just dont read the box " do not place on elevated surfaces"... and dont have common sense..

Lauren Lagow

This kinda goes along the same lines as the Tide Pod Recall....Why was your child ABLE to get the laundry detergent and eat it? Therefore, if you don't put the seat on a high surface, your kid can't fall out.... 

Amanda Bunny Fortin

My daughter doesn't need it anymore but she still uses it for her personal chair and sometimes I use it as a booster sit at the table but I keep her in a chair next to me so I can hold onto her.

nonmember avatar Starla

I am friends with a couple. Very intelligent, wonderful with their kids. Got to visit them for the first time after their kids were a few months old. I walk into the kitchen, one of the babies is propped up in it's bumbo on the freaking kitchen counter! You have got to be kidding me! My head almost exploded. Now, that being said, my daughter was super squirmy and I never used it on any raised surface. Floor only. But any time she was in it, I was constantly catching her before she arched and turned her way enough to topple over the side. Babies are squirmy and honestly Bumbo should have never released these without a safety belt. Just to cover their bases. You can never be too safe when it comes to baby items. So yeah, blame on both sides.

BabyP... BabyPink07

I'm not giving up my bumbo bc of stupid parents. End of story.

Aleisha Goodwin McNutt

Their idiots for recalling a perfectly designed product because ignorant people can't read and follow directions. Why in Gods name would you put your child on an elevated surface in a seat anyway. This is the problem with society these days. You can't have anything good without someone screwing it up. I wont be sending mine back in because i have sense enough to not put the child where she doesn't belong in the first place. Enough said!!!!!

Emilee Allen

I would have thought it would be common sense that something like a bumbo and the way it's designed you would not put it on a raised surface, to me this is just parental neglect and stupidity instead of a fault with the Bumbos =|

Sarah Bell

Even on the floor it isn't safe! Just because you "read and followed directions" doesn't mean it's safe. My daughter was in her bumbo on the floor with me sitting beside her, and she was stretching herself out, and she almost popped out of her bumbo! There have been times where I had to turn my back for a split second to grab something and thankfully she didn't pop out then! It's not about the parents! I'm glad there will be a seat belt now because accidents happen so quickly, even if you're beside your child in the seat!!

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