Millions of Bumbo Baby Seats Recalled: What You Need to Know

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bumbo seatIf you're like any other mom in America, then sitting somewhere in your living room among your ridiculous amount of baby gear is a Bumbo seat. (Am I right?) That thing is awesome for helping babies sit up, and it's so convenient for feeding, etc. But if you do have one, then you'd better read on, because 4 million Bumbo baby seats have been recalled due to major safety hazards.

The seats present a falling risk to infants when they are placed on raised surfaces, which can result in injuries as severe as skull fractures. And as much as I'd like to say I only put my son in his Bumbo seat when it was on the floor, I can recall setting him on the kitchen counter in it a time or two. Because that thing fits so snugly around a baby's body, you'd never dream they'd fall out of it. Luckily, I never had any safety issues with my Bumbo seat -- but other parents haven't been so fortunate.

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The seats were originally recalled in 2007 after babies fell out of them, and as a result, a warning was issued to parents stating that the seats should never be used on elevated surfaces. But not everyone got the message, and since then, at least 50 babies have gotten hurt. Want to know the scariest part? Get this one -- some of the infants who suffered injuries fell out of their Bumbo seats while they were placed on the ground.

But before you panic and immediately take your Bumbo seat to the nearest dumpster, the CPSC has a solution to make your seat safe. All you need to do is contact Bumbo to be given a free kit that includes a safety belt for the seat and new instructions on how to use it properly. You can check out Bumbo's recall site for more information on the kit, or call (866) 898-4999.

Do you use a Bumbo seat, and have you ever worried about it not being safe?


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Haley Maya Unger

I have one, I never felt it was a danger because I

1. followed the directions on it, including the warnings about NOT putting it on elevated surfaces

2. I used it on surfaces that she would have little risk of damage if she did topple (Carpet. Squishy, squishy carpet.

3. my kids thighs are so fat she needs to be greased out of that sucker. I kid you not I lift and my husband has to pull it off her tush. 

kever... keversole

Don't put the friggin thing on the counter and your baby won't fall off the counter!  Common sense goes a long way! I love my bumbo and there's not way im getting rid of it bc some people don't watch their child after sitting it in a foam chair on an elevated surface.

Tiffany Lynn Burress

why would anyone place their child on top of a table? that to me is a lack of common sense.... im just saying.

Gina Mutter

When you put your baby in the Bumbo Baby Seat, how about not leaving your baby unattended! Sounds like they're using it for a baby sitter.....

Miche... Michelephant

They should recall blocks because if a high tower is built it may fall and hurt a small child.

nonmember avatar Mommyof3

I love mine its so easy to clean after a messy feeding. I havent had any issues with it, but will definatly order the seat belt for my baby to use

tmrvi... tmrvica1225

I bought one in 2006 long before any of these injuries were reported, and I had enough common sense to know not to put it on high elevated surfaces (like counter tops)! i actually knew someone who used to put their baby on top of the washer in that thing!!! My husband and I either put it in the middle of the bed or middle of our large kitchen table. But most of the time, we were sitting right next to the baby. Nothing is reliable when they are not strapped in!! I'm glad we never took any chances when no one knew any better before. 

Leann Parker

well it is good that they have recalled this if it is not safe no one wants something to ever happen to there babys

nonmember avatar DJ

They don't need to recall it...they need to make smarter parents! Why put ur child in danger!?! It's common sense! Children make sudden moments! As a parent, you shld know your child n his/her movement activity...if u know he/she is a wiggle worm, why aren't u paying them attention while they sit in the's not a baby sitter! Pay attention to ur damn kids! My daughter, n my nephews have used it n never did they have an accident! But then again, my sister n I always paid attention to them!

kebrowni kebrowni

I've never owned one or used one, but I have several friends who have (or do). And I've watched them put it on an elevated surface :\

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