Hilarious 'Parent Rap' Reminds Moms & Dads They Just Can't Be Cool (VIDEO)


Parent RapPeople love nothing more than to tell a pregnant woman how much her life is going to change after that baby comes, don't they? And they always get that annoying tone to their voice when they do it, right? It's one part smug, one part conceited, all parts annoying as hell.

We aren't stupid! We get it ... we are about to have a real live human being in our house! And yet, the "Parent Rap" video that's going around the web this morning pretty much sums up everything you aren't factoring in.

Yeah, you become a parent. But you also (dropping to a whisper) grow the heck up. Oh come on, when's the last time YOU ate M&Ms for breakfast? Just watch:

I hate to admit it, but "we used to be cool" might as well be the mantra of parenthood. You don't have to change who you are after becoming a mom; I'm still me. I still like the same music and read the same books, even watch the same movies (although I can't tell you the last time I watched something rated R!).

The real post-baby change is more in all those little things from the "Parent Rap": the different car (my two-door coupe is long gone), the fact that you actually eat real food for breakfast because you know your kids are watching you and going to want to eat the same thing ... need I go on? You just can't get away with the kind of things you did before the baby came along, and nothing makes you feel older than knowing someone is looking up to you!

Has being a parent made you feel more like a grown-up? What part of the "Parent Rap" was so your life?

Image via BlueFishTV/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Caroline

This was funny except I noticed that it's ripped off quite alot from the Swagger Wagon video from a few years ago.

Karla Young

hilarious. i loved it.

Heather Munoz

Very funny! I liked it.

Rina Hutagaol

I loved the song. Better than other rap songs out there. Last part really made me laughed while making breakfast for my 3 yr old daughter..thanks for sharing LOL...

Bill Roark

They didn't "rip it off" from Swagger Wagon ... it's them! Same singer/songwriter, director, performers. Look again.

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