5 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body After Giving Birth (& When They'll Go Back to Normal)

nicole fabian-weberI had my daughter a little over three months ago and guess what? I still don't feel totally like myself! I mean, I definitely feel much more "normal" than I did a few months back, but dude, stuff's still going on. Weird stuff. Stuff all those people who were telling me, Think you're tired now? Wait 'til the baby gets here! forgot to fill me in on.

So let's discuss, ladies, shall we? Let's discuss what the hell is going on with our postnatal bodies/emotions/etc., and when we can expect to feel like ourselves again.

Hair loss. This was something I really wasn't looking forward to when I was pregnant. During the nine months of my gestation -- and probably yours, too -- my normally thin, fine hair was, in a word, awesome. It was thick. It was full. It was manageable as hell. Now? Not so much. I thought I was in the clear, but just a few weeks ago, my hair started falling out in unsettlingly large chunks in the shower, and it sucks. Is there anything I can do about it? Not really! Some say massage your scalp, take biotin -- I've been doing both, and nothing's seemed to change. But I guess we can (sort of) take solace in the fact that the hair loss period typically lasts from three to six weeks. I might be bald if it lasts any longer.

Baby bulge. Ah, everybody's favorite. I was lucky enough to lose most of the baby weight pretty quickly (hear me out), but right now? I'd kind of rather die than wear a bathing suit -- and I definitely still have a few pounds to go. According to Melinda Johnson, MS, RD, registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association (ADA), baby weight loss should happen slowly. She said, "The number one thing new mothers have to have is a certain amount of patience with their body. It took nine months to get there. It should take at least that long to get back to their fighting weight."

Mood swings. This is an interesting one to me, because, lately, I've been feeling, I don't know, weird every now and again. And by weird, I mean I don't sleep. And no, it's not because of my baby. I'm just super hot all the time at night and I always wind up waking up at some point. It's the worst -- especially since my daughter (and husband) are sound asleep themselves. (My theory is that that time of the month is upon me.) That said, though, I was fortunate enough to never have felt really weird (I.E. depressed) after giving birth, as I was nervous I would and as some of my good friends have. According to the American Pregnancy Association, it's normal to have the "Baby Blues" for up to 14 days after you give birth. Any longer than that, you should contact a professional. 

When will I get my period? Never! Just kidding, but wouldn't that be fantastic? It varies from woman to woman, and whether or not you're breastfeeding will make a difference. But for someone who isn't breastfeeding, your period could return within 4 to 10 weeks. For those who are nursing, it really varies from person to person.

When will I want to have sex again? Never! Just kidding, but this, too, obviously varies greatly from person-to-person. The general rule of thumb is, though, no sex for six weeks after giving birth. That may be a really bad (or really good?) thing for you.

How did you feel about your postnatal body? What weird things happened to you?

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people always say that your milk dries up in a few weeks if your not breastfeeding, it took months and months for mine to dry up, like 6 months post baby and i was still leaking.

Crazy... CrazyNicolle

After giving birth, I discovered I now had hymenal tags.  Unfortunately, the OB/GYN knew but forgot (or decided not to) tell me about them, so when I happened to discover them on my own, I thought they were warts or some sort of inner vaginal growth (eeewww!).  It turns out that it was a perfectly normal phenomenon for ladies who give birth vaginally.  The baby's head is so big that it may break the hymenal ring (a ring-like structure that, yes, our hymen's are attached to).  What I thought were skin tags were actually remenants of that hymenal ring.  After breathing a (huge) sigh of relief that it wasn't some disease, I had to come to terms with the fact that those hymenal tags are pretty much permanent.  I guess I'll catagorize it as a battle-scar from childbirthing.

teal.... teal.blaze

PPD really SUCKS. I was in total denial for about 5 months before I went to my dr. Constanly sore nipples (DS is 10 months & I'm still pumping for him [never latched]). My hair stayed awesome (still taking prenatals), and other than the fact that my belly is really flabby, I walked out of the hospital at my pre-preg weight, and have since lost another 6 lbs. I'm wearing more than a pant size smaller than I was when I got pregnant. But my destroyed core strength from c-section caused weak lumbar muscles and I now have a $700 ER bill from pinching a nerve in my spine for the 3rd time.

Laure... Laurenmommy918

I need to start taking my multi-vitimins again because otherwise my hair falls out like crazy!  I eat like crap (my kids eat better than I do - trust me) fast food and strombolis are my food now because we are out running errends. But I make darn sure my LO eat good healthy meals and snacks. 

I cannot wait to get back to the gym!!! yae!! I called today and asked how strict are they about babies having to be 6 months old rule. Lady said once I hit September I should be ok. (Lexi will be 6 months on 9/20).  Yae!!!


truet... truetigress

Yes ladies it is true that your body goes through changes...but instead of hating them individually think of them as battle scars. Your body amazingly carried a child for nine months! You had that tiny little life growing inside you. YOU were the sole carrier of nourishment for that baby. Your body was a vessel for a miracle! Be proud...be thankful you were allowed to experience this. Many women pray for this miracle to happen to them.

Look I ballooned to over 200 lbs with both my babies. I had lost my weight easily with the first one but gained it back when I could eat again. I had gorgeous full size double 'd' boobs...and my husband was a very happy man. After the babies were born and the milk dried up I have cow udders for boobs. No longer perky and more hanging to my sides and belly than anything. Baby belly? My oldest is 8 years old and yeah that is one place that doesn't want to shrink....I had two c-sections and have 2 seperate scars to prove it. I didn't have many stretch marks a couple on my belly, a couple on my leg. My period returned early on, but that was okay because it was finally like clockwork happening four days in a week rather than six. The second day always leaning towards the WORST flow...but after that lessening to a more manageable pace.

truet... truetigress

 My feet....WHOoo COW! I used to wear a size 8 1/2 shoe. Now I am comfortable wearing a size 10 shoe. My feet which are normally cold, now also sweat. Which never happened before. Sensitivity to light...I got that too...now I not only wear my prescription glasses with tint, but also sunglasses that go over said glasses. Hair? Not really bad. I still have my long hair...a bit drier than it used to be but manageable. Thighs? Wow...ummm yeah I got that too. Desire for sex? I really have to be coerced into having sex and it better be with some major heavy foreplay or I just can't get into it. Mommy brain....I can definitely relate. I used to be able to remember a lot of things...now I have to reach for the answer from the sky...........................................


Despite all of this....................................

truet... truetigress

On the positive side, I have been blessed to bear two beautiful spitfire girls who I love unconditionally and they love me unconditionally. I used to think I knew what love was til I held their tiny hands in mine and knew that love was sooooooooooooooooooooo much more than just that I felt with my husband. They really are so much a part of you. Because they are a part of you you should be proud to bear each of these battle scars....You've been given an opportunity of a lifetime.....


That is better than any Christmas, Anniversary, or Birthday present you will EVER recieve in your lifetime...

So battle scarred and ready for what the future has in store....I consider myself a proud survivor and more important than anything else....one HAPPY MOM *S*

nonmember avatar Cheri

The last period I had was November 4 2010!!! Hahaha. I lost the baby weight within 5 months post baby. Full term I was 150 lbs-I'm barely at 100lbs now! Had AA boobs before now I'm a 32 D! I wear hair extensions so my hair is luxurious! I know I'm gonna get some "I hate you!"'s from all you ladies-my own mother hates me for it! My midwife says it doesn't look like I have had 2 kids and been pregnant 5 times. No stretch marks-no trips to the gym-I eat like a teenage boy! I am so thankful for my genes! Bring on the hate sammiches!

falli... fallin4her24

The hair loss in chuncks after my 5 yr old was really alarming since I wasn't warned...but after my 2yr old twins, in the hospital my boobs went from a DD (my sz) to HUGE watermellons! And then deflated over the last 2 years :( I'm now a saggy c..

...its depressing...good thing I love the rest of mt body :)

Kourt... KourtneyBZ

My hair didn't get any thicker with pregnancy. I didn't have a baby bump, because I actually did loose all my baby weight that I put on with my son, within a few weeks actually. Mainly because I didn't eat like a cow when I was pregnant. Little tip: Just because you're "eating for two" doesn't mean you should. Believe me, having two double bacon cheeseburgers, a large order of spicy fries, and two pieces of chocolate cake isn't going to go away after you have your baby. Sorry, it wasn't the baby who f*ed your body up...it was you and that spoon you kept shoving in your face. Also, I didn't use the excuse "I'm pregnant" to get out of doing anything. I was still active. Another tip: Just because you can't see your feet anymore, doesn't mean they aren't there. Recap, you got lazy, ate too much, and made yourself fat.  (if only I could say that to my SIL without causing drama.) I wasn't lazy, I ate normally, I returned to my normal (99 lbs) after pregnancy. Also, my period went back to normal within a month, and I was having sex again within about 2 months...because I shut it down during pregnancy...so I was feeling the love, so to speak ha. 

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