Parents Sell Newborn So Older Child Can Get Medical Care

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baby feetOnce you become a parent, you realize you would do anything for your child, particularly if your little one was sick or suffering. But that usually isn't at the expense of another child. Clearly in a desperate situation, parents in India allegedly sold their newborn son so they could get money to pay for medical treatment for their paralyzed toddler, with the hope that he could walk someday.

Sandhya Devi and Ashok Kumar were arrested after they went to police saying that neighbors Vinod and Shakuntla Agarwal only paid them half of the 40,000 rupees they agreed upon for giving them their newborn. In total, that's roughly $700.

Everything about this story is sad. The disabled toddler. A family so distraught they made a poor decision. The fact that people are making a business out of selling babies. It was reported that the neighbors offered to buy the child when they found out Sandhya was pregnant. And it's suspected that the child was considered even more "valuable" since the baby was a boy.

The Kumars are saying they thought they were taking part in a legal adoption with the help of a midwife who was taking care of all the paperwork. 

Not all things are not what they seem in this story.

The child's father had another story, saying they had went to the hospital for a routine checkup when they were approached by a midwife named Madhu who asked if they were interested in giving the child up for adoption. "We desperately needed money for our older son's treatment," he said, "and Madhu told us that the adoptive parents would pay 40,000 INR, which would cover the medical bills. We were more than happy to see our paralytic child get medical help and walk so we agreed to give our newborn up for adoption."

Now he no longer wants to give the child up.

The midwife in question was also arrested and out on bail. There is also a big investigation going on to find out if others were involved.

I don't know how to feel with this case. Desperation drives people to do things they normally wouldn't. Sadly, it's the baby who suffers the worst. He apparently was very weak, and being back in the arms of his biological mother who he only knew for three days was considered the best thing for him. Perhaps she is realizing the mistake she made. Perhaps someday they will tell the child this story and he will forgive them. Perhaps not.

Do you think these parents deserve forgiveness?

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I wonder if the drastic measure of selling their newborn son in order to help the older, disabled son would have even been considered the older and disabled child had been a girl...

curio... curious1145

Yes,they deserve forgiveness. It's heartbreaking,but they saw no other choice for the well-being of their older child. They didn't kill the baby. Why is it worse than a couple giving up a baby for adoption because they can't afford another child? Even worse, I read an article recently,not sure if on this website or not, about women claiming having an abortion for the "sake" of their other children because they felt they couldn't emotionally or financially care for another child and it would negatively impact their other children to have another one. I think the article was called,"Having an abortion made me a better mother." Me,being pro-life was horrified by that,but many pro-choicers weren't. So while,selling their baby is terrible,I can forgive them.

nonmember avatar Vanessa Le

No way! I have a three month old baby now and my family have experienced financial difficulties but I would rather sell my own blood or kidney than selling my child! To give up one child to help another is that fair? How is it one child is better than another? I would keep both and find other alternatives. Why don't they sell their body organs or something...I would sell my body parts, go out whoring myself, robbing people if i have to in order to take care of my children! No way in hell would I consider selling my own children!

nonmember avatar Jessica

They do not deserve it! They are saying one child is better than the other basically. If its that easy to give your child up not because you can't afford the baby but that you want to make your other child "maybe" walk one day. And what if the older child doesn't? All that for nothing! No forgiveness what so ever.

Crystal Shepherd

What's the big deal? They both thought they were participating in a legal adoption and it's not uncommon for people to pay for the child. When a teenager gets knocked up and people want to adopt their baby,they pay for the medicale expenses and anything else the mother needs,then pay the adoption agency a ton of money. They don't have welfare or other help in India. Should they have kept the baby and got rid of the other child b/c they can't afford to help that child? Which situation is better. They can't afford the child they have,they made a responsible decision by putting the child up for adoption. I can't believe this is even an issue...

Melissa Mattner List

People feel desperate in times like these. I don't see what's so wrong with wanting to put their baby up for adoption. They realized they wouldn't be able to give their other child the individiual attention he needed. Would they be more forgiven if they had just aborted that baby...??


Jaime Swift Sundin

So what happens if this son never walks, even with the treatment??  Then what???

Jaime Swift Sundin

So i should just give up three of my kids cause their older sister is mentally ill ya that makes a lot of freaking sense NOT. This isnt the only family that has dealt with something like this and they have managed just fine.  Quit making excuses for someone's stupidity.

Lamargo L. Petersen

In India this couple is likely in the Lowest Caste, and money and medical care is very meager. This couple should be pitied, not hated. Until you walk a mile in their shoes[if they even have any] keep your opinions to yourself and be better served by helping others.

Teri Emery Webb

I feel they need forgiveness. They were trying to do what they thought was right in their situation. Life happens and we do the best we can. Besides, it is not our place to judge others.

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