Sicko Turns Mom's Breastfeeding Video Into Porno (VIDEO)

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sahouryWhen Maryann Sahoury agreed to do an instructional breast-feeding video, she thought she was going to be helping out other mothers. To her horror, that tape was made into a pornographic movie. Yes. That's right. Porn.

Now she is suing the Meredith Coproration, a production company, for allowing what she thought was a beautiful thing into smut. And boy is that video trashy.

Sahoury was invited to do the video by her lactation consultant, who said it would appear on a popular parenting website Parents TV. She decided to do it "because she felt her own personal experience would be insightful and helpful to other first-time mothers who are considering breastfeeding," according to court papers.

She and she her 1-month-old daughter demonstrated breast-feeding techniques in the 2010 video created to help new mothers. But someone pirated the video and took portions of that footage and intermixed it with a pornographic clip. "It went from me talking, to a woman who looked like me having sex. It was just a full porn video, maybe six or seven minutes long," she told CBS New York.

The New Jersey mom stumbled across it by accident after randomly

Google-ling herself, many links to pornographic sites and videos popped up. The same happened when she typed in her little girl's name too. “It was terrifying,” she told The Associated Press.

The Meredith Corp was shocked too that someone had misused their video. Though Sahoury feels the company did not do enough to take the video down from the Internet once it was discovered. Plus, her lawsuit alleges she was promised her their last name would not appear but the Iowa-based company says Sahoury signed a release allowing them to use her image, voice, and name.

“Sometimes I want to crawl into bed and say, ‘God I wish it wasn’t me,’ but it was me for a reason,” she said. “I need to be as strong as I was when I made the video and say, look, I’m still supporting mothers everywhere, our rights to breast-feed wherever and whenever we want and not be exploited by major corporations or any kind of perverts.” AMEN SISTER

This story is just sad proof that nothing is safe or sacred anymore. What kind of a pervert turns nursing a baby into something to masturbate to. Totally sick.

See more on this bizarre story here:


Do you think this mom deserves money for what she's been through?



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paren... parentalrights1

Unfortunately people are sick like that. Just look how many people expect women to keep covered or leave public places when they need to feed. They turn it into something sexual instead of being decent human beings themselves.

ltmana ltmana

I'm gonna throw up.

THIS is why I would NEVER nurse in public without a cover! NOTHING is sacred anymore! 

This is repulsive! 

nonmember avatar Cee

The company did not allow it. She allowed it when she signed some papers. She's claiming she had mommy brain and didn't read them, which is a stupid thing a lot of mothers do to never claim any responsibility for their dumb actions. I wonder how "I didn't read it because I had mommy brain" will hold up in court. Also, does she not know anything about the internet? Anything that is done can be turned into something bad. She can fight all her life to remove her video but it will still be there. She should have thought about this a bit harder and read the papers!

keriley1 keriley1

I would really hope they didnt use the portion of the little girl eating as porn. That is so gross and wrong.

nonmember avatar graciesmom

if it has the child in it isn't that illegal? Child porn?

Desiree Byrd

The people responsible for making the smut need to be punished! She did not authorize this!! They STOLE the video from the originators to make this filth and have violated this woman AND her child!

nonmember avatar XXX

I agree and I work in the AI. This is very upsetting to read being a parent myself. I have been in the adult industry many years and this one article makes me hold my head in shame. We are responsible adults who protect all children. This article is a eye opener that anyone will do anything to make a buck. I pray this mother has the video removed and the courts will side with her. The simple request to have it removed should have been granted by the producers of this film. One comment I did read is that the mom did sign release papers with out fully understanding where the video was going to be published. I still pray the courts side with her. Being a single mom who works in the industry, I am upset to find out the video is still out there. Good luck with the battle.

Laura... Lauralynn0930

Ugh! This world is going to hell! I'm scared for when my sons are older :-(

Darling Vortexus

As a breastfeeding mom myself, I'm appalled that some imbecile did this. Though honestly, I can't say I'm surprised. Rule 34 of the internet: There is porn of it, no exceptions.

amazz... amazzonia

Scarry and disgusting

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