Mom Left 3 Little Kids Alone So She Could Have Sex With a Neighbor (VIDEO)

Boy, if I had a dime for every time I left my young children on their own for hours on end so I could head to a neighbor's house in order to have some some adulterous sex ... well, I'd be BROKE, because oh my god are you kidding no one really does that, right?

Wrong. A Florida mom named Crystal Rusaw was arrested last weekend for doing exactly that, and as bad as the story already sounds -- believe me, it gets worse.

Florida police say Rusaw, 24, left her three little kids -- 4, 3, and 10 months old -- alone so she could sneak over to the neighbor's house for some NC-17 action. While Rusaw was enjoying a post-coital nap, the kids apparently got tired of waiting for her. They wandered away from the house, up the street, and crossed a busy highway before a witness called the cops.

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The baby, whose diaper was soaked when they were discovered, was being carried by the 4-year-old as they dodged traffic.

Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm having a mini heart attack just thinking about this. The oldest kid is FOUR and they're out on their own wandering on a highway? God, I can't even herd my own kids through a parking lot without freaking that they'll walk in front of a car -- and that's with bug-eyed supervision on my part.

Oh, and here's a final eyebrow-raising detail for you: Rusaw has (had?) a boyfriend who didn't even know what had happened until a reporter called him. He's been out of town for a week. Surprise!

Check out a news clip on this unbelievable story:

You know how sometimes you hear about some awful parenting mishap and you tell yourself not to judge because everyone makes mistakes and accidents can happen to anyone? Yeah, I am totally judging this woman. BIG. TIME.

Do you think there's any reasonable explanation for what this woman did?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

The only reasonable answer I can come up with is sexual addiction. Now that contraception is more easily accessible, maybe people will start using it. 

Celia... Celiacelia

good lord that is terrible!! i understand wanting to go out and screw your neighboor but do it while someone is watching your children.

curio... curious1145

Absolutely no reasonable explanation is possible. This is BEYOND sick,putting her sexual desires above her children's well-being. They could have easily all been killed in the traffic or kidnapped, or had various other horrible things happen to them. 4,3, and 10 months! Are you kidding me????? If they were even many years older,it would be neglect to leave them to go have an affair,but toddlers/babies,this is criminal neglect of the worst possible kind.

cmjaz cmjaz

Maybe they would've got kidnapped by better parents.....

nonmember avatar corrie

Welcome to new port Richey. The area this happened is big on drugs and full of trashy people. It's no surprise a story like this comes out of there. As someone who drives the road the kids crossed on daily, it's a miracle no one hit them

Laura... Lauralynn0930

Please tell me those poor kids will be taken from her! This story makes me sick to my stomach.

nonmember avatar Wendy

Holy hell. A four year old carrying the baby across traffic? I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about that. Those poor babies.

Shannon Mindeth Weirich

Wow, and yet it doesn't amaze me all that much-- I've seen a woman leave her kids with the apartment manager and just leave state while her husband was deployed.  I mean this sounds archaic.... and like a totalitarian state which I am against having-- however by the day, tests to allow breeding sound better and better. -.-  Pinkmani, I concur about the readily available contraceptives... maybe this will help the future gene pool. 

Nancy Ridgeway

OMG she should never get her kids back she dont deserve them.

nonmember avatar heather

The longest I've evwr left my kids in the house alone was 30 seconds and I ran to my mailbox and back! This girl makes me sick! I can't imagine what the kids were thinking. That's so sad. Thank god the 4 year old was brave and knew what to do. I hope she pays for this!!

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