Scott Disick Is Such a Baby When It Comes to Changing Diapers

kourtney kardashianGeez, it took them long enough. Kourtney Kardashian finally released photos of her brand-new baby, Penelope Scotland, an entire one month after she was born! The eldest Kardashian, along with ridiculously adorable son Mason, is on this week's Us Weekly cover, holding her gorgeous baby girl. Kourtney, unsurprisingly, looks amazing and glowy and fresh as a daisy as she clutches her super cute brood.

But it wasn't the new mama and her babies that caught my eye on the cover of the rag trade. It was the little blurb at the bottom left corner that did. The thing that says: "Kourtney opens up about her first days at home with Penelope, and how Scott's stepped up as a dad (but still hasn't changed a single diaper!)" Bwah?


After talking with friends who've had babies -- and after having a baby of my own -- I was sort of under the impression, maybe naively, that like taking out the trash, changing diapers was deemed the de facto "partner's job." No, they shouldn't be the sole ones responsible for this task, but it definitely helps -- especially for women who are breastfeeding, since they're the sole ones responsible for feeding.

Even if it isn't the "partner's job," though, has Scott really never changed a single diaper? I mean, Mason and Penelope are his kids, too. Why shouldn't he take part in this "baby task"? Why wouldn't he want to? Like playtime and baths, changing pee and poo-filled diapers is part of being a parent.

I know not all women are in situations where their partner is willing to help out as much as possible. And I feel bad for them. But I also feel bad for their partners, because they're missing out on some really great stuff.

Did your partner change diapers?


Image via Us Weekly

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