9 Baby Onesies That Crack You Up Without Being Crass

Jeanne Sager | Aug 16, 2012 Baby
9 Baby Onesies That Crack You Up Without Being Crass

plain onesieConsidering the amount of time we devote to trying to get our babies to talk to us, is it any wonder onesies with funny sayings on them are so darn popular? We are aching for these little balls of cuteness to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING to us.

Unfortunately there's a glut of inappropriate and just plain creepy onesies out there that we have to contend with. Picking through all of those to find something that's sincerely cute and worthy of your little bundle of joy can take forever. So we decided to give you a break. The Stir picked through all the awful outfits out there for you to find the good ones!

The good news is, there are some really funny folks out there who have turned their eye on the kids' clothing market. And this bodes well for your next shopping trip.

We came up with nine hilarious onesies clean enough to put on an innocent little baby but funny enough to be worth the investment. We would put any of these on our kids, would you?

Which one is your favorite?


Image via SundayKofax/Flickr

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