7 of the Craziest Places Moms Have Had Babies

newborn babyIf there's anything we know about having babies, it's that those babies do not wait for the most convenient time or location. If they're coming, they're coming -- no matter where you are or what you're doing!

We love these wacky "Mom Gives Birth In..." stories here at The Stir. SO MUCH! You may have seen today's crazy birth story: The Mom who gave birth to twins in two different cities. Here's seven more zany places moms have delivered.

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I remember a woman giving birth in her leggings, maybe 18 years ago. There was security footage because she was in a convenience store at the time. The baby just came so quickly that it slipped out before she could even call for help.

Ashley Adams

These aren't that strange. My Uncle was born in the corn field, and my grandmother went back to work after wrapping him up and getting him cleaned up.

nonmember avatar teri

I'be read about having a child on the Highway, in an elevator, and when I had no one to drive me to the hospital a taxi cab driver took every short cut possible so I wouldn't have my son in his taxi cab. My labor pains were two minutes apart. He cut through corner lots to advoid red traffic lights. It was crazy. When I lived next door to a firehouse, they even had a plan when I was pregnant with my daughter.

nonmember avatar teenage dream

Where's the one about the lady who gave birth in a tree... During a flood

nonmember avatar Sandy Hudson

9 years ago I gave birth to my daughter in my mother's toilet at home

Mary Cimino

I had my daughter in the hallway, I was on my way to have a C section because she wasn't coming out. Well I guess the numbing agents made her want to come out because she crowned in the elevator and before the nurse could get the doctor the Anesthesiologist delivered her in the hallway. Even though she was 8 weeks early she was healthy.

Serena Shirley

I think the one about the woman who gave birth in an amusement park bathroom beats all of these. Really any of the stories from "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" beat this. Like the teenager who got pregnant and missed her first ever period (late bloomer) and didn't know she was pregnant, then ends up with ecclampsia, has a seizure while driving, wrecks her car, and delivers her baby while blacked out in an ambulance.

wiccan92 wiccan92

Yea, the one on "I didn't know I was pregnant" in the amusement park bathroom in the toilet is a crazy place! I've also heard of in an elevator and of course in prison. 

Lisa Renee Boisvert

Fabulous! Birth just works when we don't mess with it. Thanks for sharing these stories.

nonmember avatar Vanessa Le

In a toilet whether public or personal would be the worst...Ewww just imagine the germs and what a gross and disgusting way to enter the world!

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