7 Things I Want to Change About Myself Now That I Have a Baby

babyThis past Sunday on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney -- actually, my favorite of the bunch -- called her mother, Kris Jenner, a whore. I'll say it again: Kourtney Kardashian called her mother a whore.

I don't claim to have always been the most respectful of daughters to my mother, but dude. I would have never, ever called her a whore or anything close to it. And now that I have a child of my own, were my mother still alive, I would have gone out of my way to be kind to her -- not just because I now "get it," but because I want to set a good example for my daughter. Calling the person who gave birth to me a "whore" is not a good example. It sounds corny, but being a mom has made me want to be a better person. It's made me want to make changes -- or at least try -- to all the crappy habits I've picked up over the years.

Here are 7 things I want to change about myself now that I have a child.

I want to stop cursing so much. When I was pregnant, my husband and I would talk about this all the time. He'd say, "F**k!" And I'd say, "Hey, we really should try to curtail the swearing in preparation for our kid!" And vice-versa. We're yet to stop.

I want to stop talking smack. Perhaps one of the world's ugliest traits, being a person who talks s**t is definitely not something I want to pass on to my daughter. I want her to be soft and sweet and always see the best in people. Also, I don't want to influence her opinions of people. If I have an argument with my sister, I need to just keep my mouth shut around my daughter.

I want to stop complaining. I'm a complainer. I can't help it. Well, I guess I can, but it's hard. Sometimes, in crappy situations, my knee-jerk reaction is to just complain. To groan. To let out long, exaggerated sighs as if they're going to solve whatever's wrong. I've learned over the years that they don't.

I want to have grace under fire. When the going gets rough, I have a tendency to freak the f**k out. I do not always remain calm. And it's weird, it only seems to be with the little things. Just like complaining, worrying doesn't solve anything. Anxiety kind of is a pointless emotion. One I hope my daughter doesn't feel too often.

I want to be more confident in my decisions. I have a tendency to second guess myself -- again, usually with the small things. I want my girl to grow up to be secure in the choices she makes. And I want her to know that if they don't work out -- which they won't all the time -- it's okay.

I want to stop watching crap TV. It's definitely within the realm of possibility that I would cease to exist if Bravo were ever taken away from me. That's a really ugly trait.

What do you want to change about yourself for your kids? What did you change about yourself for the sake of your kids?

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femal... femaleMIKE

Keeping up with the Kardasians, is a fake reality show.  She called her mom a whore for drama.  If she really thought htat about her mother she would not have said it on TV for the world to know.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Sorry, but if you're married TWICE and cheat on your husbands TWICE, then yes, that constitutes calling some one a "whore" in my book. Especially if they're all nonchalant and breezy about it. The show is fake as hell, yes, but I'd be mad as hell at my mother too. Shouldnt Grandma share in the "setting an example" portion of her daughter's offspring also? I think so.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I'm not sure if you actually watched the episode or not, but what Kourtney said was fitting. She went out on a date with her ex-boyfriend. I consider that cheating and since she has a husband, Kourtney's comment was 100% warranted.

butte... butterflyfreak

Well, I don't watch your crap show so I have no idea if the name-calling was appropriate. What I do know is that having a kid doesn't guarantee that "Grandma" is going to change and become a better person. My mom and I barely have any kind of relationship and that didn't really change after my daughter was born. It's ok though, my husband's aunt has become like an honorary grandma and my stepmom has fun with the role of Nana. Just because someone gave birth to you, doesn't mean they're perfect or that having a child yourself is going to bring about some kind of epiphany about your relationship with your mother.

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

Interesting how the article is about being a better person and the comments are all about the Kardashians...

Regardless, there are many things I want to better about myself now that I am a mom. I want to eat right and take better care of myself, I want to volunteer more, take more time out of each day for family, and not rush through meals and getting out the door in the morning. I suppose I should also work on the swearing and snarky remarks :)

littl... littlebeanmom

I want to watch less TV and interact more with both husband and daughter.  Also eat a little better.  I need to stay strong and healthy for my family!  I think they might like me to stick around.

Paige Sandoval

One thing I changed about myself is I use to lie and the time, as a child I used to lie and I was good at it. It was easy and I got my way. Now that I am 25 with 2 kids I now see how juvenile it is to lie. I want to set a good example for my kids you know the saying "monkey see monkey do." Seeing other parents parent and kids miss behave is a big eye opener to what kinda of parent I want to be and how I want my kids to behave.

QTKakes QTKakes

Kris Jenner is a whore. She's also pumps her daughters out to the highest bidder and they all love it because its made them rich.

QTKakes QTKakes


Nicol... NicoleMarie1211

I want to stop doing all the same things! Fuck! It's so hard.

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