Famous Bachelor Bullies Breastfeeding Mom & Humiliates Her Publicly

breastfeeding debateIf I could create a list of people who shouldn't enter the breastfeeding in public debate, Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison would be high, indeed. Despite this, inexplicably, this baseball player took it upon himself not only to tweet that he didn't like seeing a woman breastfeeding in public, but to TAKE HER PHOTO and tweet it to his fans.

There really are no words for how invasive and wrong this is. As a mom who breastfed two children exclusively, I am well aware of the fact that when a baby needs to eat, he/she needs to eat.

I am also aware of the fact that baseball fields are full of advertisements that use sexy women to sell products. So it's OK then, but not OK when it's sustenance?

Here is what he said via Twitter:

Hey @Nordstrom nothing makes me want to spend $$ like seeing women breastfeeding in your store...

The tweet has since been deleted, largely because many people came down hard on him for his incredibly callous use of social media. "I have nothing against breastfeeding," he claims. But the damage is done.

What on Earth gives this man who has probably never breastfed an infant (OK, DEFINITELY not) the right to comment on a person who was just minding her own business? Even worse, he tweeted a photo of her. It wasn't bad enough that he expressed an ignorant opinion. He had to publicly scorn her as well? He has 118,000 followers!

Here are a few things Morrison needs to know:

  • Babies get hungry.
  • When babies get hungry, they need to eat.
  • Breast milk is the healthiest, best nourishment for a child.
  • Screaming children aren't popular in malls.
  • Screaming babies who are hungry need to be fed.
  • Not all moms can use cover-ups.

Do I need to go on? The fact is, Morrison has no idea what it's like to be a breastfeeding mom. When you have a new baby, the priority is getting that baby fed. It isn't possibly discomfiting a spoiled sports "star" at the mall. Boo-hoo Morrison. Look the other way.

My guess is if this boob had been attached to a Playboy centerfold, he would have had no problem happily staring. As it is, he looks like a voyeuristic freak. Who takes photos of breastfeeding moms? He is entitled to his opinion, sure. But using his position to bully a new mom is just unacceptable.

Stick to baseball, dude.

Does breastfeeding in public offend you?


Image via Yiie/Flickr



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jadsm... jadsmummy

I saw the photo you can't see anything! the guy is a jerk. She was conservatively dressed even.

Megankae Megankae

Alot of stores at the mall have beautiful breast feeding rooms.

Honestly if she's doing it in public like that, people can take photos.

You can't put it out there like that and then demand privacy.

I exclusively breast fed my son, and I always went into the breast feeding rooms or used a cover. Mainly because I was not comfortable with whipping my tit out in public.

nonmember avatar JediMama

'Whipping your tit out' <~exactly the kinds of bullshit breastfeeding moms are fighting against. Ive NEVER seen a mom 'whip her tit out' in order to feed her baby in public OR private.

and NO, being in public does NOT make it okay for others to photograph you without permission. If that was the case, dont come crying to us when some pedofile has plastered your kids photo all over the net. You defended him doing it.

Stacey. Stacey.

Just another reason to make sure you're covered or go somewhere private. We really dont know how often this happens....there are sick freaks everywhere who like invading womens privacy (which technically we have NO right to in public places). This one just happened to be "famous" so people noticed. How much of a fucking douche can someone be, how would he feel if someone did this to his mom, wife, sister, etc?

nonmember avatar kp

other places should follow Nordstroms lead to provide nice clean place for a quiet semi private feed. I could understand if she was somewhere that didn't provide that. I think there would be less issues for everyone if those spots were more available and we weren't ushered into bathrooms!

jagam... jagamama0710

I hope that guy gets every ounce of bad karma he deserves for being a complete douche canoe. I am laughing though at the backlash he's receiving and I hope he only gets more. Awesome. 

I do so hope that when my daughter is grown and nursing her own babies, she doesn't ever read these ridiculous arguments. That she doesn't feel the need to cover up if she doesn't want to (nothing wrong with it if you want to cover but you should never feel pressured to do so). I hope that by that time, this stuck up, selfish, unbelievably hypocritical country gets over their prude selves and sees nursing in public as the non-issue that it is. If not, I at least hope I instill in her the confidence to nurse her babies wherever she wants without reservation. A mama can dream, anyway. 

jagam... jagamama0710

Are you kidding me people? It's not about "demanding privacy" while nursing in public. It's about this asshat taking a picture of a woman and baby minding their own business and maliciously tweeting it to his 118,000 followers. And she's the bad guy? I don't think so. 

I'm normally not a big fan of nurse-ins and I don't think a nurse-in at a Marlin's game would accomplish anything at all, but I DO think it would be hysterical. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

I love how expressing liquid out of a part of one's body is a normal and natural thing for one sex and not for the other.

Yeah, this guy was a jackass, not for saying he didn't agree with BF'ing in public because everyone is entitled to express their opinion and not be harassed, but for putting her picture up there without her consent. That's where I have the problem. I'm guessing if he was caught 'on film' in a private moment, he would get ticked off if someone put it up, too. Even if he was in public.

As for the whole controversy - get over it. Some people are never going to be ok with BFing in public, some people are always going to ask that you cover up. It's not misogynistic, it's personal opinion. Or isn't that allowed anymore?

ethan... ethans_momma06

Let's break it down-

This woman does not look embarrassed. So all the arguments of 'if she's embarrassed she should go somewhere private' should be tossed out the window. The problem is that the photo taker is *attempting* to shame and embarrass her.

Not all babies can stand to be covered. It is not healthy to let your child scream from hunger. That need comes before the need to make a random stranger more comfortable on the off chance they are squemish. They're an adult and can handle their feelings accordingly (or apparently, only sometimes).

Is eating an intimate/private act for you? It is for some people, not for others. Breastfeeding is PERSONAL but not inherently 'private' in the 'you need to hide that in the closet/bathroom so no one ever ever ever ever see's you do it'.

A breast does not secrete waste or pose a potential health hazard or disgusting mess, unlike whipping out your penis to pee would. Your penis/vagina is sexual and for waste. Breasts are to sustain life through nutrition and  are sexual. Waste- no waste. Problem- no problem.

I don't care if anyone is uncomfortable with breastfeeding. You probably wont do it and that's whatever. But, you should have respect for the people around you who are making the choice to do what's best for their infants health. If it's something that sickens you- be an adult and handle yourself as you would in any other situation like that. Stop looking. Go away. Problem solved.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Ethan's momma... I was totally with you right up to the "respect" part. Because while the majority of BFing moms just want to feed their babies in peace, there is a group of them who use it as a political tool (and I use that in the generic "political" sense, and not in the Dem/Rep, Lib/Cons sense) to advance a cause.

Yes, breastfeeding should be seen as natural as walking down the street. However, there have been plenty of situations where it has been done completely inappropriately - people plop down in the middle of an aisle in a grocery store, for example. Or they breast feed in a pool - and THAT'S where I have an issue. Activists (or "lactivists") jump all over every instance and scream that those women - who should exercise a little common sense, and yes, RESPECT, for those around them - have every right to do what they're doing and shouldn't be questioned.

I'm sorry, but sitting on the floor in a busy store is a hazard, to you, your child, and everyone around you. BFing in a public pool is unsanitary, because it IS a bodily excretion. And SOME women DO "whip out a tit", and exercise no modesty at all.

How about expecting a little respect ALL THE WAY AROUND? Hold the general public to a high standard, yes, but expect BFing mothers to do the same.

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