Baby Bottle Company Thinks Men Need Their Wives' Breasts More Than Babies Do

breastfeedingIf you saw a tagline geared toward men that read "reclaim your wife," what would you think the product is? Maybe something sexual. Maybe something involving a tropical island. Maybe even something involving a third party. But it's not. It's actually referring to breastfeeding and baby bottles.

Reclaim your wife. It's like they are beating their chests with hairy hands and saying to husbands everywhere to take back your breasts. Because, you know, women's breasts belong to men. Baby has no business being born and stealing all the booby time. And the only way to reclaim those C cups is by giving baby a bottle.

This tagline-gone-wrong appeared in a Twitter campaign for a baby bottle company called Bittylab. They want you, or really dads, to buy their product, so they are getting all Neanderthal. And that was only one tweet. The second one said dad has to compete with baby for mama's breasts. But apparently it's all a huge misunderstanding and not meant how it sounded.


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The bottle company is called Bittylab and whoever runs their Twitter had a huge misstep. Partially since they used the hashtags #breastfeeding and #bfing. Supposedly these bottles are awesome and imitates mama's breasts the best, which is great for moms who formula feed and who breastfeed and are back to work and need bottles for the caretaker to feed baby when she's away. It's not the product that is the issue -- it's those trigger words "reclaim" and "competing". There is no reclaiming needed. Last I checked my breasts belong to me -- they are on my body. They are also incredible and work in many ways -- nutritious for my babies, and have other uses for my husband. There is no competition between daddy and baby when it comes to mommy's breasts. Who in the world would even think of this?

It's got many people wondering because the two women who started the company Bittylab are both breastfeeding moms. The company, however, has issued an apology:

Ladies, We’re really sorry about the twitter campaign run last week. It was a huge miss understood [sic] and resulted in offensive messages. It was taken down yesterday. The messages had nothing to do with putting a husband needs before the baby’s needs, it was more about having a little extra time for the rest of the family. Obviously the whole campaign was poorly executed. We apologize deeply for this miss understanding and assure you, from now on the campaigns will be closely monitored before they go out. Thank you for a second chance.

I'm all about second chances, and I really appreciate the apology. I agree completely that having a little extra time for the whole family is great, but as they admit, the execution was all wrong.

One of the things that gets to me when people talk about breastfeeding is that they say that dads are left out when a mom nurses. Which is a ridiculous statement. Dad must support mom when she is breastfeeding. Emotional support, encouragement, getting her a glass of water, whatever is needed. That is a dad's role in breastfeeding. If there was a way he could physically share the duty and produce milk from his own breasts, that would be so helpful and incredible. But just like women are the ones with the superpower to gestate and give birth, we make the food for baby, too. Dad will have plenty of time to make food once baby starts on solids.

Daddy doesn't need a bottle to feel a bond with his child. If he does use one when mom's out doing her thing for some me-time, then great, you do want a well made bottle that mimics the breast. But anytime a person acts as if breastfeeding is a nuisance to dad, stealing his wife's breasts away from him, or being resentful to baby because she gets all the time with mama's breasts while dad is left in the cold, sad, and lonely and only able to bond with the cat ... well that is just silly. That sends a negative breastfeeding message, and we don't need more of those.

What do you think about Bittylab's twitter campaign? Did it offend you?


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