Baby & Dalmatian Have Adorable Battle Over Mysterious Laser Light (VIDEO)

dalmatian and babyBabies and dogs, dogs and babies. Both so easily distracted by such simple, easily explainable phenomena such as ... red laser lights. Oooh, what is it?! OOOOH, I'm 'onna catch that blinky red thing! That means me and me alone, dog! Just cause you got yourself some fancy spots, don't even THINK that means you can get all up in my face.

That blinky red thing is mine, all mine.

I'm gonna git you, sucka. And by "sucka" I mean Dalmatian 4 times my size.



Oh, baby. Oh, dalmatian. The truth is, neither one of you is a significant threat insofar as actual human beings are concerned. I mean, I totally appreciate the vigilance and such. Really, I do. But would either one of you provide significant protection in the case of a baby/dog take-over? No.

And that is precisely why being "cute" is such a powerful advantage. Just watch ...

Which one is cuter, the dog or the baby?

Image via PETSAMI/YouTube

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