20 Onesies Way Too Disturbing for a Baby (PHOTOS)

baby hands over faceI have a theory about all those cutsey baby onesies with the sayings on them. It's the only thing keeping us sane until that baby starts talking. Wait, have you gone through the "I'm so desperate for this baby to talk that I'll sit here for an hour saying Mama like an idiot" stage yet? You will. In the meantime, there are plenty of onesies out there that will let you say anything you want for your baby.

In fact, the whole "baby onesie" field has gotten cluttered with people saying a little too much for babies. The creepy onesies people actually expect you to put on a baby have gotten out of control.

I'm talking the onesies with curse words, the onesies with sexual references, and worse! You wouldn't believe the kind of sayings people will plaster across a baby's chest. I'm hoping (dear God) that they won't actually teach their kids to say them later, but who knows .... Check 'em out.

Which ones do you find offensive? Would you put any of them on your baby?


Image via © iStock.com/Nancy Honeycutt

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Fondue Fondue

To the staff at The Stir--please do away with slideshows!  We hate them!

Stacey. Stacey.

I thought "Im this many" "bikini" and "mommy needs a drink" ones were funny. I wouldnt buy them, but I see these more as gag gifts you would get and Spencers that you're taking way, way too seriously.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Eh, some are silly...some are really funny! I especially like the "I tore mommy a new one" since I had an emergency c-section, last time :-p

jrphelps jrphelps

My son has a onsie that was given to him as a hand me down.  It says, "PP, I see you noticed my big pp."  Inappropriate, yeah probably.  But I didn't buy it & he wears it to bed.  I am not afraid he will run around saying that @ 1 year old.

nonmember avatar #iRiotGirl

I think they are cute. I saw a onesie at The Alley Chicago before. Plain black with white letters. It said 'If you think my mom's a bitch, just wait til I grow up.'

tinyp... tinypossum

They range from tacky, to trashy,  to downright stupid. 

WowIl... WowIllbeamom11

Newborns already flip people off!

nonmember avatar Annabelle

Gag gifts definily! And I love the slide shows. It allows me to actualy see the pictures on my phone. :0)

tbruc... tbrucemom

Most of them are funny, but I wouldn't put them on my baby.

dee31087 dee31087

The bj one made me lol .. I wouldn't put it on my baby but it was funny..

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