How Often do You Bathe Your Baby?

baby in bath

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Most of us take showers every day, but I just found out from my friend Cafe Kristen at the Healthy Living Buzz that taking a daily shower isn't necessary. And if you do take one, you should make it a cold one to prevent the flu! Brrr. Who knew? Thanks, Kristen!

So I was wondering just how often we should be bathing our babies.


And so were some of the other Baby Mamas on CafeMom. BabyGirl5808 asked members of the Pregnancy group if there was such a thing as bathing your baby too frequently, since it can dry out the skin. She gives her daughter a bath every night.

Mommny6 gives her kids baths every other night.

AudreysMom0307 gives her baby a bath 3 times a week. "Bathing is supposed to dry out their skin even with lotion. I give her three baths a week, but put on lotion every day."

Samanthamommy says everyone is different. "I give my son a bath every night, but he's 20 months old, At 2 months, I was doing it 3 or 4 times a week because he wasn't going anywhere so he wasn't getting really dirty."

mrsray45 says, "I think as long as your child is not getting dried out skin and is not showing any signs of irration that you can bathe as much or as little as you want. It is a personal decision. Babies don't 'need' a bath every day but we used it in the bedtime routine. It help relax and soothe my son when he was being fussy."

So how often are we supposed to bathe our babies? According to Cafe Kristen's interview with Katherine Ashenberg, author of The Dirt on Clean, giving your child a daily bath is bad for their immune system.

Alan Greene, M.D., a pediatrician and medical expert for the book The Parent Soup A-to-Z Guide to Your New Baby, says if the baby loves the bath, make it part of her daily routine. If not, it isn't necessary to bathe her daily. But when you do bathe your baby, he says to use a few inches of warm (not hot) water and to use a gentle soap (sparingly and avoid scrubbing). And Dr. Greene says, "If your baby's skin is drying out too much, cut back on the frequency of baths and apply an alcohol-free, unscented baby lotion daily—and especially after each bath."

What's your bathtime routine?

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