Toddler Who Freaked Out When Mom Gave Him a 'Tattoo' Will Never Be Cool (VIDEO)

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baby temporary tattooAwww. This poor little guy! Usually videos of adorable babies make me smile, but this one totally made me want to cry!! Sixteen-month-old Marshall's mom thought her son would "get a kick" out of the temporary tattoo she put on his leg, but whoa! He absolutely hates it! Like, a lot!

Now, in defense of Marshall's mom, my kids were once this age -- and they LOVED temporary tattoos. Tattoos, stickers, stamps ... self-created designs drawn with a Sharpie they happened to find on Mommy's desk when she had her back turned ... some little kids love the idea of illustrating their own bodies, is my point.

So I'm sure his mom wasn't expecting to fill her baby boy with anguish when she stuck that tattoo on his pudgy thigh. I guess you just never know ...

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It completely breaks my heart when he shrugs his little shoulders, as if to say: I don't know if it comes off, Mommy! I don't know if it's EVER going to come off! Oh, the humanity!

Watch (and weep):

Awww. See what I mean? Somehow I have a feeling this is a kid who's going to shudder every time he passes by a tattoo parlor for the rest of his life ...

Does your little one like temporary tattoos?


Image via Darba Melen/YouTube

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Thewi... Thewife06

This was incredibly mild compared to my son's reaction.  He was all excited to pick a sponge bob tattoo out, and get the wash cloth wet, and to peel the clear film off.  I Put it on him, he held completely still until I told him to peel it off.  I said "WOW!  Look!" and then rubbed it.  Then the smile went away.  He rubbed it again, and again, and again.  At this point he was in complete hysterics, screaming, flinging himself around, and trying so hard to get it off.  I couldn't get him to hold still so I could take it off even with my husband's help, so I said screw it, and I put one on me.  I showed him that it didn't hurt, then I showed him I could take it off, and then he was okay with it since mommy had one.

After he realized that mommy had magic baby oil to take them off with, he was okay with getting one that matched mine.  Then of course Daddy has to get a matching one too.  ;)  Some kids just freak out.  It's really sad and upsetting until they calm down, then it's hilarious. 

pollo... pollopicu

lmao, I just love how trashy people defend tattoos to the death. It always cracks me up. If you don't care what people think, then why the F are you posting here???!!!


Tattoos=trash, lazy, fat, dirty, will never amount to anything, kids will probably grow up to be losers too.

Amy Walters

My little one is 4 and she does her own "tattoo's". If I don't get her a wet paper towel to put them on with she will climb on the counter to get one and wet it her self.

Amy Walters

@pollopicu. every one has a right to their own opinion. The fact is if everyone was a little more opened minded  the world would be a better place. Why don't you ask your self what can I do to make the world a less judgemental place? When you get down to it the only thing in the world a person can change is their self. And yes I have a tattoos but it is completely irrelevant to this post. If you saw me at work you would never know I had them unless you knew me personally or I showed them to you. I want to make it clear that I am not defending being tattooed or people getting tat's, because that is their choice of self expression. I'm sure you have your own form of self expression that I may or may not understand or like.

pollo... pollopicu

@Amy Walters 



No. The fact that there's too much trash tolerance is the reason our culture has turned to shit with trashy lazy fat people, and why the rest of the world, especially Europeans thinks we're slobs.

 " if everyone was a little more opened minded  the world would be a better place." Is this ALL you knwo to say?


That's ALL you know to say, over and over, and over again.... it's such a robotic response nowadays. Open-minded today means, do whatever you feel like doing no matter how it affects the person next to you or even older generations. It's a total lack of decency.

heydo... heydooney

on Jul 19, 2012 at 10:56 AM

"It's always the people who have a shit load of tatts defending tats. Comflict of interest much?"

Whaaa? Didn't I just say that I have zero tattoos? Don't plan on getting any either. And it's coNflict.

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