Toddler Who Freaked Out When Mom Gave Him a 'Tattoo' Will Never Be Cool (VIDEO)

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baby temporary tattooAwww. This poor little guy! Usually videos of adorable babies make me smile, but this one totally made me want to cry!! Sixteen-month-old Marshall's mom thought her son would "get a kick" out of the temporary tattoo she put on his leg, but whoa! He absolutely hates it! Like, a lot!

Now, in defense of Marshall's mom, my kids were once this age -- and they LOVED temporary tattoos. Tattoos, stickers, stamps ... self-created designs drawn with a Sharpie they happened to find on Mommy's desk when she had her back turned ... some little kids love the idea of illustrating their own bodies, is my point.

So I'm sure his mom wasn't expecting to fill her baby boy with anguish when she stuck that tattoo on his pudgy thigh. I guess you just never know ...

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It completely breaks my heart when he shrugs his little shoulders, as if to say: I don't know if it comes off, Mommy! I don't know if it's EVER going to come off! Oh, the humanity!

Watch (and weep):

Awww. See what I mean? Somehow I have a feeling this is a kid who's going to shudder every time he passes by a tattoo parlor for the rest of his life ...

Does your little one like temporary tattoos?


Image via Darba Melen/YouTube

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pollo... pollopicu

@ brandspanknnew


Not in OUR culture. This is the very TYPICAL deluisonal kind of crap that comes out of the mouths of people like that, and I swear they almost all look alike too. It's the weirdest thing...the ones who DO read, choose to read the most obcure, irrelevant non-productive literature, like "Ancient Vampire Girl".

These people need to get out of their mothers effin basement, and get in touch with reality. I would never in a million years hire a person with tata. They look trashy, lazy, dirty and unambitious.

nonmember avatar KT

Well this HAS turned into a tattoo debate hasn't it?? I understand that people can have their own opinion but some are just ignorant! I have alot of very well done tattoos. If you have them done right, they don't look trashy. Even if a person has bad tattoos, that doesn't automatically mean that they will have a bad life and live like trash-and I know alot of tattooed parents and they have good kids and live pretty normal lives...I wouldn't say their kids are doomed!!! I have a good job, I pay my bills on time and have no debt besides student loans (which shows im responsible), I've never been to jail, have never done drugs, I've never slept around, I workout for an hour, 5 days a week so I'm definitely not lazy and i watch what I eat. If you always jump to conclusions, you will always land in ignorance.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@KT - You're trying to argue about a matter of preference, which is fruitless. Many of us think that they ALL look trashy, even "well done" ones. And many people do not. Trying to act like there is a right or wrong answer, that they either definitively ARE or ARE NOT trashy just makes you look like you have no grasp of the concept of preference. Geez, people, agree to disagree. Some people like short hair, others long. There is no right answer, different people perceive tattoos differently. I don't care how great the art may be, and a lot of it is, to me, on the body, they all look awful. Some of them may look beautiful on my wall, but not on your arm. That's my opinion and yours is different. That's what opinion means.

nonmember avatar KT

-ALSO, I know a lot of nurses, cops, fire fighters, childcare providers, teachers and doctors with one or many tattoos. Does that mean they are dirty, trashy, lazy and unambitious?? Would you not trust your children with these people??

nonmember avatar guest

The tot was adorable.

Courtney Hine

I am pretty sure she didn't know it was going to upset him like that.. A little crying isn't going to scar him for life he was just confused... Come on people..

Courtney Hine

And FYI I have tattoos all over including a half sleeve on one arm they are far from trashy or anything else but a work of art for that matter.. I am not getting into an argument with anyone about this but I am going to say remember when your mother taught you if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all ??? Well you should try that in this case becasue you are very uneducated about tattoos and apparently living in the past when this was accepted in society the way it is today.. Anyway good luck with your narrow minds and I hope you change one day to be more open minded and accepting because it could be your child.. What then? 

nonmember avatar KT

I did say everyone is entitled to their own opinions didn't I? You might as well say all women with short hair must be lesbians. All white people must live in trailer courts and be on welfare. Its not whether you like a certian thing or not, its about judging a person soley on how they look. Haven't you ever heard the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover?". This is the same thing. I just think pollopicu took it a little too far by saying she felt sorry for children who's parents have tattoos and are overweight. A childs upbringing and how their future will turn out has nothing to do with if their parents are tattooed or not. Its pure ignorance to think that way. But hey if thats your opinion... Great! I feel sorry for you and how you must live your life and how you raise your children.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

This video cracked me up. XD What a cute memory to share with him when he's 18 and thinking about getting a real tattoo. I can just see that conversation:

Mom: You couldn't even stand to have a fake tattoo! How are you going to handle a real one? Those ones don't wash off in the tub, you know!

Boy: Mom! I was like, two years old when you filmed that. It doesn't count as justification for your argument!

heydo... heydooney

pollopicu, it must be pretty great being able to know so much about a person with one glance. Regardless, I don't think your judgements are actually bothering anyone or making anyone reconsider their decisions. It doesn't seem like they're missing out on much by not being able to associate with you up there on your pedestal, either. There are plenty of decent places that do hire people with tattoos, lots of wonderful, well-adjusted, NONJUDGMENTAL children raised by tattooed parents, and a vast majority of kind, openminded folks who don't share your prejudices. And what does being overweight have to do with anything? Seems like just a cold-hearted jab at anyone who isn't perfect - like yourself, obviously.

BTW I'm 125 lbs and completely tattoo/piercing free, so this is not me taking your words personally, just me saying that I'd much rather hang out with just about any of the tattooed people I know than with someone like you.


Now, about the video: My 18-month-old son did the same thing when I put one on him. He tried to pull it off like a sticker. I would have removed it but he got over it right away and started showing it off.

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