Mom Kicked Out of Kiddie Pool for Breastfeeding Her 10-Month-Old

poolIt's never a good sign for society when a breastfeeding mom is told she has to stop nursing in public because some prude has their panties in a twist. But this one may be the worst yet. A Colorado mom was breastfeeding her 10-month-old son in the kiddie pool at a water park, and other parents wanted her to cover up or get out.

Let me get this straight. A nursing mom can't get some respect at a facility built specifically for parents and their kids. Is it any wonder they're getting picked on out at the courthouse or in the mall?


Charlotte Dirkes says she was breastfeeding 10-month-old Cillian in the kiddie pool at Pirate's Cove, a city-owned water park in Englewood, Colorado. The park attendant who told her to cover up or get out said they were responding to complaints from other patrons.

But who would those other patrons be? Wouldn't they be ... other parents? I mean, this was the kiddie pool, after all.

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As much as the whole thing makes me angry, considering nursing in public is a legally protected right, I'm even more sad.

Of all people, other parents should understand exactly how silly the anti-nursing prudes are. Of all people, other parents should understand how important it is that a mom be able to feed her kiddo in public. Of all people, other parents should want to support ... other parents!

This is one of those infuriating cases that really drives home why the mommy wars end up helping no one in the end. If moms are so busy sniping at each other, we are too disorganized and distracted to fight injustices against momkind.

And you better believe that it's a smack at all parents when one mom is denied her legal right to breastfeed her child in public. If we can't even give our kids nourishment in a way that nature provides for, then every other choice WE want to make as parents is up for public debate ... and public punishment.

What do you make of these others parents getting Dirkes in trouble?


Image via Fifth World Art/Flickr

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