Kelsey Grammer & Wife Have Baby Girl but News Isn't All Happy

Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh

Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte Walsh are about to get a whole lot less sleep. Their baby girlFaith Evangeline Elisa Grammer, was born on Friday the 13th. 

But their joy over her birth was tinged with sadness.

Kayte had been pregnant with twins, but the couple said they lost the other twin, a boy, months ago. They kept the miscarriage quiet all this time. I can't say I blame them considering how devastating that must have been (it was the couple's second miscarriage) and how much publicity and controversy has surrounded their relationship from the very beginning. 


Kelsey and Kayte said that soon after they went public with her pregnancy (at the Golden Globes, which was strange), one twin died:

We were ecstatic earlier this year, when we announced that Kayte was carrying twins. Tragically we lost the little boy shortly thereafter. This was not something we cared to make known publicly at the time. It was unspeakably painful and we know that people will understand our desire to keep the news private then, as we know they will respect our privacy in this matter now. A glorious birth with a lingering sadness is ours today. We choose to celebrate the life that has been given us. 

Kelsey, now 57, was not a popular guy after he left his last wife Camille Grammer (a former Real Housewife) for Kayte, now 31, in 2010. He was called everything from an insensitive jerk for marrying her only two weeks after his divorce was finalized to a whole lot worse. Kayte is, after all, his fourth wife and he has four children with three other women. And while few of us are fans of the "most hated Housewife" Camille, it didn't seem right that he dated and fell in love with someone else well before he told her it was over, especially given his spotty history.

But no one deserves to lose a child -- no one. And everyone deserves to be happy at a baby's birth. The last time Kelsey and Kayte suffered through a miscarriage, the Internet meanies were out in full force, saying it was retribution for cheating on his wife and all sorts of other completely ridiculous, nasty things.

Let's hope that doesn't happen this time. Whatever you think of how Kelsey and Kayte got together, they seem like a good match now and they've just experienced one of the most amazing things in life, the birth of a child. I hope they will shower their little girl Faith with all their love as they continue to remember her twin brother. What they don't need is people being cruel to them all over again. They should be left alone to rejoice -- and mourn -- in peace.

Have you ever known anyone to experience the birth of one twin and the loss of the other?

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