Couple Arrested for Trading Their Truck for a Newborn

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pickup truckEvery day there are thousands of Americans sitting, waiting, hoping that they'll get the phone call that their baby is coming. They are the parents who want to adopt. It can drive people to desperation. And yet, I will never understand how a couple decided it would be a good idea to exchange their truck for a baby.

And yet, cops say Heather Kaminskey, 30, gave her newborn son to Jamiee and Jeremy Brown, and they gave her their truck. Now everyone involved is in deep trouble, and there's a little boy in the middle of it.

And yet, the cops also say the Browns took good care of the little boy. And considering cops say Kaminskey sold the truck she got for her baby in exchange for meth and some cash, they sound like they actually were better for him than staying with his biological mother. They say they wanted the little boy and just made a bad choice.

I can see the temptation. Every time someone suggests parents dealing with infertility "just adopt," it's like nails on the chalkboard for me. It isn't THAT easy. In some ways that's a good thing -- we don't want kids given willy nilly to couples who could be pedophiles or serial killers.

On the other hand, there are thousands of good, kind, wonderful people out there who can spend years waiting to adopt. That's why people get desperate. They do stupid things, like taking a baby from a drug addict in exchange for a truck. But in the end, everyone gets hurt.

In this horrible case, no one's a winner, least of all the child. The mother -- Kaminskey -- is facing actual criminal charges, as well she should if these allegations are true. And so are the Browns. 

How long should parents have to wait until they can adopt? Is there any way to make this easier?


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PonyC... PonyChaser

At the risk of some severe flaming, how is this a "stupid thing", and how did "everyone get hurt" in the end? If the couple had been let alone, that child would now have two parents who love him, who rescued him from a life with his addict of a mother, possibly from child prostitution, drug overdose, even death by neglect.

As far as I can see, the only thing they did wrong was not involving the state. And this is the LIbertarian in me coming out, I admit it, but why does the state need to be involved? So they can take the child into an already overloaded foster system and let him mold there for a year, bouncing around from home to home and not forming any bonds, until the feds can satisfy themselves that this couple is "acceptable"?

So they traded a truck. The meth mom took it, and I'd say the boy is MUCH better off with a couple of parents who are willing to sacrifice for him.

This just tells me that the adoption system is way too complicated. When people have to wait years, and children have to wait years, and the middlemen can make tons of money and keep changing the rules... it's a mess.

yayhe... yayheadstart

i totally agree with you ponychaser. i was thinking the exact same thing.

Water... Water_geM

im with pony chaser...while the laws are out in place for a reason,and you cant sell children.

this little baby would be with people who loved him.

Todd Vrancic

That is all KINDS of messed up!  Poor little baby.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

agree with ponychaser on this!

bills... billsfan1104

Pony, you made me think of Little House on the Prairie. I remember watching a couple of episodes where kids were given to other families with no help or questions from the state. I remember a mother died, and before she did, she asked for families to consider her children.

So, I do understand why sometimes the state needs to be involved, but I sometimes, thunk we should do alittle of what the did back then.

kisse... kisses5050

 I agree with pony chaser... I remember a few years back a teen neighbor asked me what I would do if I found a baby on our porch... I cant have any more kids... I told her I would really want to keep it but that I would probably call a lawyer to find out what to do because you just cant keep babies..she said  oh and I often wondered if she may have been pregnant...   Sometimes is it so wrong?

Tripl... TripleC14

So if they'd paid her rent and medical bills and a lawyer it would be "private adoption", but because they're people of not great means (I'm assuming) and gave her what they had in the form of a truck they're facing criminal charges? Makes total sense...

nonmember avatar Orchid

I live not too far from this area. The stories are making it seem like the Browns are the ones on drugs and in a bad way but that's not the case. Apparently the wife (Mrs. Brown)and bio-mom were childhood friends. The neighbors say the Browns knew the bio-mom was a mess and took the baby so he wouldn't end up in foster care like her other 2 kids in FL. The Browns already had 3 sons who are now with relatives. I'm with Pony. I don't think these people did this to be evil. They just wanted to help the baby and an old friend. They were misguided but maybe they figured if they took the baby, she would get some help.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

That poor baby!!! and I soooooo agree with PonyChaser... That baby most definitely would have been better off! The family took good care of him and obviously loved him.. the mother should be ashamed of herself

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