Couple Arrested for Trading Their Truck for a Newborn

pickup truckEvery day there are thousands of Americans sitting, waiting, hoping that they'll get the phone call that their baby is coming. They are the parents who want to adopt. It can drive people to desperation. And yet, I will never understand how a couple decided it would be a good idea to exchange their truck for a baby.

And yet, cops say Heather Kaminskey, 30, gave her newborn son to Jamiee and Jeremy Brown, and they gave her their truck. Now everyone involved is in deep trouble, and there's a little boy in the middle of it.


And yet, the cops also say the Browns took good care of the little boy. And considering cops say Kaminskey sold the truck she got for her baby in exchange for meth and some cash, they sound like they actually were better for him than staying with his biological mother. They say they wanted the little boy and just made a bad choice.

I can see the temptation. Every time someone suggests parents dealing with infertility "just adopt," it's like nails on the chalkboard for me. It isn't THAT easy. In some ways that's a good thing -- we don't want kids given willy nilly to couples who could be pedophiles or serial killers.

On the other hand, there are thousands of good, kind, wonderful people out there who can spend years waiting to adopt. That's why people get desperate. They do stupid things, like taking a baby from a drug addict in exchange for a truck. But in the end, everyone gets hurt.

In this horrible case, no one's a winner, least of all the child. The mother -- Kaminskey -- is facing actual criminal charges, as well she should if these allegations are true. And so are the Browns. 

How long should parents have to wait until they can adopt? Is there any way to make this easier?


Image via photofarmer/Flickr

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