Gift Guide, Baby: Animal Lover

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What to get the Animal Lover?

There's not a baby out there who doesn't like animals—cows, pigs, sheep—and the sounds they make. Here are some cute toys for those future farmers, zookeepers, anthropologists, and dog whisperers.

Product: Selecta On the Farm Wooden Picture Book

Cost: $11.50

Where to Buy: Blueberry Forest Toys

Extras: It makes a clacking noise as you turn the pages—your baby will love it.

Why I Love It: Babies eat books up—literally. They've also been known tear the pages. This one has all baby's favorite farmyard animals, but it's non-toxic, rip-proof, and the pages have rounded corners so it won't poke your little one in eye.


wood elephant puzzle

photo from Taraluna

Product: ImagiPlay Elephant and Calf 3D Puzzle

Cost: $12.00

Where to Buy: Taraluna

Extras: You can also get puzzles in the form of cows, lions, and ships.

Why I Love It: I love anything with elephants. My friend has this beautifully crafted puzzle made from sustainable, non-toxic wood, and I'm getting it for my baby. You can put it together now and use as a decoration in your baby's room. Your baby can assemble it on her own in about a year and you'll beam with pride.

cloth frog rattle

photo from

Product: Sigikid Natural Friends Rattle Frog

Cost: $26.99

Where to Buy: Mookla

Extras: You can wash it in the washing machine. Now that's a plus!

Why I Love It: Your baby will love the soft texture and the fun sound of this cute frog rattle. Younger babies will follow it with their eyes; older babies will show off their ability to grasp and shake.

baby play pad

photo from Toys R Us

Product: Infantino Activity Gym - Monkey's Jungle Retreat

Cost: $59.99

Where to Buy: Toys R Us

Extras: Assembly required (but it's easy!)

Why I Love It: There are so many fun things on this "jungle gym" to keep your little one occupied, you might actually be able to get something done around the house. It's got a musical tiki hut, a banana teething ring, colorful lights, a peek-a-boo mirror and different textures for baby to experience.

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