Creepy Grandmother Caught Breastfeeding Her Newborn Grandson

rocking chairMost of us have all struggled with mother-in-law issues from time to time. We can cut her some slack. After all, we women do take her baby boy. Who can blame her for not wanting to cut those apron strings too quickly?

Still, there are issues and then there are ISSUES, and a recent inquiry to Dear Prudie's column on Slate is the latter kind. A young new mom walked in on her mother-in-law NURSING her newborn son. Let that sink in a moment, if you will. She walked in on her mother-in-law with her (bone-dry) breast in the baby's mouth (OMG! OMG!).

Assuming this is true and not a means of shocking readers, there isn't a new mom out there who isn't cringing right now. This is Hand That Rocks the Cradle times a billion, no?

Breastfeeding is such an intensely personal and unique experience meant to be shared only by mother and child. I realize many women believe in cross nursing one another's babies and that is all fine and good. But that is consensual. I would be pretty furious if someone nursed my baby without my permission and even more furious if they did so with a dry breast.

Putting your dry breast in a child's mouth for any purpose other than feeding without the permission of the child's mother is abuse. Is it sexual abuse? Maybe, maybe not. But it's abuse. It's an abuse of trust, of position, and of love. Any person who really wants to comfort a baby can use a pacifier or, in dire circumstances, even a clean pinkie finger (though I would rather they hand the baby over to me, naturally).

This is just unacceptable. Sure, my mother-in-law has made judgy comments I don't like, but this crosses the line of basic human decency.

As a mom who nursed for years and does miss that bond a lot, I get that desire to put baby to breast, but if it isn't your baby, you PUT THE BABY DOWN and go get yourself some mental help. Jeesh.

Personally, I would never want to let my mother-in-law hold my baby again. I would be absolutely sick over it.

Would this make you furious, too?


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Tracey Plummer

Oh, for goodness sake, it's not abuse. It's just creepy. Really really creepy.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I would cut her out of our lives completely. There is no excuse for that

Cheyenne Bythewood

Yes! She'd be damn lucky if she didn't get punched in the face! Ugh!!! The woman would be barred FOREVER from seeing her grandchildren. *Shudders* The thought just makes me want to vomit.

CPN322 CPN322

If it is true, it sounds like the mother in law may have some mental issues. Who does that??

tonip... toniperoni

yep not abuse just creepy - gm was obviously trying to bond whis is loevely but - def not without mom's consent - I know I wouldn't allow anyone else to bf my child

nonmember avatar Shelly

She'd be completely out of my life. It shows an incredible lack of boundaries. One needed, to justify violating a child. If this wasn't "sexual," it definitely shows she is capable of that kind of violation.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Ummm yea I would be furious...that is just plain gross.

Lisa Moore

How is it not sexual abuse? She let a child suck on her nipple, there was no milk. That fits for me.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yuck yuck yuck!!! Bye bye MIL.

ghost... ghostbaby

I would have had her ass arrested. Its not like she can actually breastfeed and even if she could, its not her child. That is one sick, twisted mother in law and had i walked in, saw it happening, i would have went off. I wonder what her excuse was, how did she explain having her boob in that kids mouth.

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