Dangerous Python Found in Baby's Crib Trying to Eat His Foot!

pythonI couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 the first time I saw the classic Lady and the Tramp, but when that rat scuttled into the baby's room, I wanted to go through the ceiling. I had pretty much the same reaction over the ball python found wrapped around an Illinois baby's foot last week. It's part "OMG, that poor baby," and part "OMG, icky, icky, icky, OMG," that goes through my head.

I am a country girl. I am used to wild and wacky animals. But put them near a little kid, and I start hyperventilating. So I was impressed, to say the least, with how William Winans' parents handled the dangerous snake in their son's bed.


Devin Winans says he went into his son's room because he heard the 1-year-old making noises around 11 p.m. He reached into the crib in the dark to comfort him and said he felt something slimy. Now, I don't know about you, but I would have started freaking right then and there. But the elder Winans managed this whole thing like a boss.

He flipped on the light, and when he saw a python wrapped around the baby's foot, trying to eat it, he somehow managed to pull the vicious snake off with a blanket.

His quick and decisive move worked. William was rushed to the hospital for treatment, and he's OK despite a bite and some bruises. Neither Devin nor William's mom Sara was hurt in the incident. A neighbor who owns the snake has been cited for the whole horrible incident. 

The whole thing leaves me wondering what I would have done if I'd been in Winans shoes. Would I have been able to jump into action to save my kid

I mean, I flick bugs off of her. I made her come inside last week when she informed me of a fight between our dog and a groundhog in the backyard. When someone warned me there was a rattlesnake in the creek where we were swimming last week, I very calmly but quickly got her and her two cousins out of the water without alarming the kids.

But none of that stuff is up close and personal (aside from the bugs which are little!). I hate to come off sounding like one of those ninnies who starts shrieking when she sees a creepy critter, but just this past Saturday, I saw a dead rat in a museum exhibit, and I had to walk out of the room quickly. My daughter has to watch the movie Ratatouille alone. And though I adore the dogs in Lady and the Tramp, I still fast forward through the "scary" part because I'm scarred.

So what would I do if there was a real rat in her bed or a snake wrapped around her? I'd like to think adrenaline would take over. I imagine that's what happened with Devin Winans. But I still have to wonder ... if I'd snap into action or scream for help.

Have you had to defend your child from a freaky critter? What did you do?


Image via Roberto Verzo/Flickr

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