Mom Delivers Baby in Complete Silence

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quiet"How I gave birth" stories are kind of like "big fish" tales. With each retelling, you get more hardcore. First time around, you gave birth drug-free. Second time? Drug-free with one arm tied behind your back. And so on. But did you give birth in absolute silence at home?

This one mom from Jerusalem kept quiet during the whole OMG, ouch labor and delivery process. And then, the woman who happens to practice the Jewish faith also managed to sit, quiet and patient, with her newborn still attached to her via the umbilical cord, until sundown! She didn't even get to coo over that sweet little pumpkin!

The new mom had taken a vow of silence for the Jewish Sabbath day, and she refused to give up ... even when her rabbi called the paramedics. According to a report in The Huffington Post, even the idea of a rabbinical tribunal to relieve her of her vow didn't make the mom budge.


I would have thought that the fact that the rabbi actually called upon the paramedics would have given this mom a break, but I'm not Jewish, and as such can't really comment on how these sort of rules of the faith work. I don't know why or how or any of it. So I'm not going there, OK? It's too easy to criticize when you aren't well versed in someone's culture.

I can comment on what it takes to be 100 percent silent during the birth of a baby and after. I'll tell you right now, I know I couldn't do it! And I don't know many women who could!

We don't scream when we're in labor because we're wusses (contrary to certain male opinions). We do it because it's in our nature: scientists have proven that there is actual pain relief to be had when we swear or shout.

I remember lying in the labor room (at that time my hospital moved you to another room for the actual delivery), listening to women up and down the hallway screaming their lungs out. I wasn't a screamer, but you can bet your sweet bippy that I was making some noises while I produced a human being. My version was repetition of a certain curse word muttered under my breath.

As for after the baby's born, all I wanted to do was talk to my daughter! I was cooing and telling her how beautiful she was, and I probably did not shut up for a good hour or so ...

How about you? How long could you take the silence?


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nonmember avatar Carly

im embarrassed to say i was a screamer, partial fear, mostly pain lol i was so embarrassed after though, i hope i can be more quiet next time around! but hey, they made me wait until i was 8 cm to give me my epidural lol i was begging for it 3 hours into my 9 hr labor

bugaem bugaem

i wasn't screaming at all, mainly because it was so painful that i couldnt even produce a sound. i wanted to tell my husband to get the hell away from me, but couldnt even say it. the only thing i ever said was "do the epidural".

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

I didnt scream, but I cursed A LOT! and told my hubby it was HIS fault I was in that pain- asked him to walk to bed all sweetly just so i could punch him lol once it was all over I was all like aawwwwh honey i love you! im sorry its not your fault! i love you LOL so I give this lady HELLA PROPS!!

organ... organicyogalove

I was pretty quiet, had a u/c at home.acted like it "aint nothin but a thang" because really, if you let your body do what its supposed to, its totally normal.  

puasa... puasaurusrex

With my second, I didn't scream. I took deep breathes and moaned a little, but didn't scream. My oldest was in the room (she was 16 months) and was extremely worried and had been scared with previous visits to the hospital so I didn't want to frighten her anymore.

Alisha Leska

my first i was quiet, but my body actually went into a form of shock from being induced. w/ my second i said "ou ou ou ou ou" repeatedly during each contraction, lol. w/ my 3rd i was pretty quiet, and w/ my 4th i did the same as w/ my second. i had all my children natural w/ stedal being the only medicine i used for pain, my labors were all too quickly to get the epidural, longest labor 6hrs and shortest 3 1/2hrs. i definitely could NOT be silent throughout an entire labor and delivery and mine are short.

tarae27 tarae27

This is an interesting topic.  I wonder what the consequences are within the religion if they are unable to keep quiet.  You'd have to ask my sister or husband, but I don't think I made any noise when I had Colleen and hardly any with Kerry.  I was pretty irritated by the screaming from the next room!

LilyR... LilyRoseNote

With my first child I was absolutely silent. It's like I was terrified to make any noise or something. My husband was the only one who knew most of the time that I was having contractions because I was almost breaking his hand with each one! The nurses would look at the machines and ask if I was having one and I could only nod, no verbal response. But on that not, that labor/ delivery process took 22 hours. With my second child, I screamed when I need to scream and I cried when I needed to cry, and so on. Didn't say anything, just animal like sounds (I guess is the best way to describe them). That labor/delivery process took 9 hours. I feel like just letting it out helped a lot and sped things up. I couldn't imagine trying to go through it in silence again!

makena78 makena78

With my first child I didn't make a sound. But, not on purpose. The pain was so bad I kept my eyes closed and mouth shut. The nurses would come in and ask how I was doing and I just looked at them and shook my head. As in I don't want to talk. Finally they told me baby was stuck and I needed a c-section. Baby had her head twisted in there and I wasn't dilating anymore. It took me forever (it seemed) to be able to sign the c-section papers. I kept wanting to close my eyes and forget the pain. But, that's just me. I have a friend who was a screamer and she only had the pain shot with no epideral.  Everyone is different and handles pain differently. Me, leave me alone and let me pretend I'm on a beach.

nonmember avatar Chass

When I had my DD I got an epidural after 14+ hours of painful contractions. I didn't want it but I NEEDED sleep so I could push her out. When it came time to push I kept asking the nurse "now?? I feel like I need to push, can I now?" Lol. She was watching for my contractions so I wouldn't tear. I was so fascinated after the second push to see her head crowning (I watched through a mirror... it was freaking awesome) that I couldn't say anything. However, the dr pulled on the afterbirth rather than allowing it to come out naturally and ended up causing a *prolapse I think its called. He had to literally punch my uterus back into place. I felt that pain through the epi and cried very silent tears so I could try to hear my baby girl cry. She didn't. She came out looking right at me!!!

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