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'Drunk Baby' Can't Hold His Booze But He Sure Is Funny (PHOTOS)

Baby Jacqueline Burt Cote Jun 27, 2012

drunk baby piggyAnd now, in other "why didn't I think of this first" news: Drunk Baby. No, not an actual drunk baby -- chill out. It's the latest funny meme, donchya know, and the first meme to make me LOL (there, I said it!) since Texts From Hillary. Because the truth is, babies do look pretty dang drunk a lot of the time, and there's no telling what kind of hilarity would come out of their mouths if they could actually talk. Plus, babies are little and they can't stop us from, say, turning an unflattering photo into something inappropriately humorous. Laugh at the silly baby! He doesn't know the difference anyway.

One could easily waste hours laughing at Drunk Baby, but should you prefer to have a semi-productive evening, you can check out our faves after the jump.

Hopefully by the time the baby in this picture is a teenager, everyone will have forgotten all about Drunk Baby and perhaps even "funny memes" in general. Because this could be a tough one to live down. Or who knows, maybe it would make the kid insta-popular freshman year of college. I don't know. I just know this is funny.

Which Drunk Baby is your favorite?

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1Sentimental Drunk Baby

2Belligerent Drunk Baby

3Self-Aggrandizing Drunk Baby

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